Open Thread: NOLA Blogs and “Hostilidays”

The NOLA blogs are at war … Xmas video war, that is.

From Tim’s Nameless Blog I found the name of this war is “Hostilidays”:

The other night I showed my Precious Daughter what grown-ups do for Christmas. Well, grown-ups who are also NOLA Bloggers, that is. If you didn’t know, they engage in a Christmas video war dubbed the “Hostilidays.”

The idea is to post the most silly, annoying and offensive videos. So far, a whole slew of bloggers have joined in battle including Oyster, Maitri, Varg, Greg, Leigh, Loki, Adrastos, Mark, and Howie.

I had not participated in this ugly annual exchange–until now.

Tim’s daughter gave him this one.  Chinese version of Jingle Bells.  She’s learning Chinese in school, nize.

Other than the strange sofa covering, that didn’t hurt too much at all!

Open Thread is Open!


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  1. terrific video of dogs decorating the tree; check it out:

    • kj on December 23, 2008 at 04:04

    i love the little bratty one who complains because she doesn’t waaaana go to sleep!

    • Robyn on December 23, 2008 at 07:20

  2. this thread is just so real yet bizzarre I have to say it sums up my already twisted views of Christmas. This year due to freaky blizzards (I exaggerate) that froze my street, my city solid, we all gave up on any form of travel and are as a street having a pot luck, bring what ever you dig out of your kitchen pre blizzard.

    Seems like fun and way better then getting in a car, plane, train and making jolly with gifts and strange relatives. No way to shop no way to spend just peace on earth good will to men and please pass the dubious casserole.

    What is on that couch? Looks like trash bags? Good Lord Christianity through the strange and wonderful lens of cultures who probably have a better grasp on Good Will to Men then we will ever know. Or maybe we will have to learn as the retail version seems to a dead in the water deal. strange days indeed sem better mow that the bubbles have burst.    

  3. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. What more can we ask for, except the moon.

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