Giving Bush the Boot, Marking the Moratorium

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Friday’s Iraq Moratorium will offer a mixed bag of activity across the country, from holiday-themed events to footwear-related actions.

Antiwar caroling, mall walks to raise shoppers’ consciousness, and vigiling by Santa are among the plans.

Elsewhere, the shoe-throwing by an Iraqi journalist have inspired actions like a “Give Bush the Boot” footwear-throwing contest in Milwaukee, and plans by others in New York and Connecticut to mail shoes to the White House on Moratorium day, with a note calling for an end to the war and occupation.

It’s all part of the ongoing, growing effort to get US troops out of Iraq by ratcheting up locally-based antiwar activity on the Third Friday of every month.  Friday, Dec. 19, is Iraq Moratorium #16.

Moratorium efforts got a boost last weekend when the National Assembly of United for Peace and Justice, the nation’s largest antiwar coalition with 1,400 member groups, approved an action plan that includes support for the Moratorium’s Third Friday organizing efforts.

Here’s a list of what’s planned this week (that we know of; there are always others we find out about later.): December actions.

You’ll find lots of other information and ideas on the Moratorium website.

Friday’s the day.  The war’s got to stop and we’ve got to stop it.  Please do something,


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  1. Fun’s fun with a boot-tossing contest, but what’s happening to al-Zaidi is not. You can join the growing international call for his release and sign a petition here.

    • Edger on December 16, 2008 at 23:53

    on OOIBC as well, xoff?

  2. Rochdale to send shoes in peace protest

    Following the example of organisations across the world, Rochdale and Littleborough Peace group has urged people to send their shoes to former president George Bush.

    This echoes the act of Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaida who threw his own shoes at Bush in an act of protest last Monday (15 December), crying “This is for the widows, the orphans, and those who were killed in Iraq.”

    Philip Gilligan, a member of Rochdale and Littleborough Peace group, stated: “Throwing shoes is a sign of contempt in the Middle East and we certainly want to express our contempt for the man who launched the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. Many here will be joining the British shoe protest at the US embassy in London at 1pm on Friday 19 December 2008.”


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