Extremists! The Pot still calling the Kettle Black.

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Breakaway members!  Rivals!  Outraged worshipers!  Secessionists!  Splinter Groups!  

OMFG, not another radical Extremist Muslim terrorist group in our midst?  Or, could it be that the Sharks and Jets are rumbling again?  

Please, tell me NO!!!

OK.  No.  

Just another day in the lives of “conservative” Christian evangelical worshipers here in the USA.

Prior to reading the following, please remember that Jesus taught that love, caring for your fellow man and understanding were the backbone of Christianity.  Not all Christians are listening to these teachings.  I guess they think that they know better?


From CNN:

Traditionalists set to split from Episcopal Church

Breakaway conservative members of the Episcopal Church in the United States and its Canadian counterpart are expected to formally announce Wednesday the formation of a rival North American Anglican church.


The move comes after years of debate over issues from the interpretation of the Bible to homosexuality. Tensions reached a boiling point in 2003, when the Episcopal Church consecrated an openly gay man, Rev. Gene Robinson, as bishop of New Hampshire.

The move outraged worshippers with traditionalist tendencies, and since then, four dioceses and several parishes have left the Episcopalian Church, including Duncan’s Pittsburgh diocese.

In all, the newly formed division will consist of about 100,000 members from the secessionist dioceses and parishes, along with splinter groups that had left the Episcopalian Church in earlier years, said Robert Lundy, a spokesman for the group.

My bolding

Is it just me, or do you also get that creepy feeling everytime you hear or read about our so called Christian Evangelicals and their incredible fear mongering over everything Muslim/Extremist that we have a case of the Pot calling the kettle Black on a number of levels?

The inability of these people to “hear” the words of Jesus over their own sad and twisted banter is totally akin to the Extremists (see Muslims) that they so love to wring their hands over and worry about and, of course, fear!  

They lump all Muslims into one category, never considering that there are Extremist Muslims as well as moderate Mulsims.  Kind of like there are Extremist Christians as well as moderate Christians.  They also lump all people that do not comply with their simple and extremist mindset into one category.  That category is called “OTHERS.”  If others don’t agree with their creed, then others are to be either converted, and if not then shunned or worse.

Speaking of extremist Christians, let’s check in with one of the Holier-Than-Thou Virgins’ Ben.  In his 24 years, this young wingnut has graduated from UCLA and Harvard Law School and still hasn’t learned a damned thing!  This Virgin Ben has decided that Christians need to stop calling the “War on Terror” the “War on Terror.”  IT should be called the War To Exterminate Muslims or something equally macho.  

Well, that is as long as no Virgins named Ben have to fight this war from anywhere closer to the front lines than their keyboards, of course. (Please, karma, if there is such a thing as re-incarnation, please don’t let my next set of parents name me Ben. Thank you!)

From some ignorant wingnut site:

Kill ’em All, Let MY God sort ’em Out

Enough of Radical Islam

Enough with the pseudonyms. Western civilization isn’t at war with terrorism any more than it is at war with grenades. Western civilization is at war with militant Islam, which dominates Muslim communities all over the world. Militant Islam isn’t a tiny minority of otherwise goodhearted Muslims. It’s a dominant strain of evil that runs rampant in a population of well over 1 billion.

Enough with the psychoanalysis. They don’t hate us because of Israel. They don’t hate us because of Kashmir. They don’t hate us because we have troops in Saudi Arabia or because we deposed Saddam Hussein. They don’t hate us because of Britney Spears. They hate us because we are infidels, and because we don’t plan on surrendering or providing them material aid in their war of aggressive expansion.

Enough with the niceties. We don’t lose our souls when we treat our enemies as enemies. We don’t undermine our principles when we post more police officers in vulnerable areas, or when we send Marines to kill bad guys, or when we torture terrorists for information. And we don’t redeem ourselves when we close Guantanamo Bay or try terrorists in civilian courts or censor anti-Islam comics. When it comes to war, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Enough with the words. Talking with Iran without wielding the threat of force, either economic or military, won’t help. Appealing to the United Nations, run by thugs and dictators ranging from Putin to Chavez to Ahmadinejad, is an exercise in pathetic futility. Evil countries don’t suddenly decide to abandon their evil goals – they are forced to do so by pressure and circumstance……

……and on and on and on and kill and exterminate and, and, and … Dude is an Extremist!  A Christian extremist that can’t see the forest for the No.2 pencils on his desk.

Yep.  It is the pot calling the kettle black.


Jesus wept.


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    • brobin on December 4, 2008 at 16:03


  1. These people have been nuttier than a fruitcake for years, it gets boring pretty quick though.

  2. They used to be Anglicans before we had a Revolution and all that jazz a coupla centuries back. They are one of the churches we were separating from the state back then!

    Well, they was Episcopalians, until they announced that the modern American Episcopalian church is just not backwards enough for their tastes.

    One wonders why they bother setting up their own denomination … the Episcopalians are the closest Protestant denomination to being Catholic, and since the Catholic church still firmly believes in keeping gay priests in the closet, why don’t these breakaways just breakaway to Rome?

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