Do The Math #3



Ok, today’s Math may need a little brain power.


* There are actual numbers to back me up on this, but you know, in the interest of keeping it simple, and the fact that I, as a middle aged housewife with no education typing away with my first cup of coffee, have no interest in googling numbers AT ALL, am going to suggest if you don’t get the overall premise, Google may or may not be able to help you anyway. So have at it. I have run-on sentences to write.

Fear reflex is a good thing. It makes you duck when your kid hits a good hard fastball right back at your head when you pitch to him, and you only catch it peripherally too late because you are looking at your flowerbed over his shoulder thinking you should be weeding.

That’s what the lower function in your brains are for. They are NOT meant to be your primary data functioning unit.

So, using your cerebral cortex, the best reaction in such a case would be to realize you are becoming as ADD as the rest of America, choose to focus on your kid and the game, rationalize that your child is only young once, think, “FUCK THOSE WEEDS” and PLAY WITH HIM.

Were you to process this, keeping that REPTILIAN BRAIN to the forefront, you would instead think baseball evil, and your child under suspicion of trying to kill you. You would tell your husband for your own safety to ground him to his room forever, and watch his every word and move. Then you would start being suspicious of every one of those Motherfucking OUT TO GET you little bastards in America wearing baseball hats.

Lets Do The Math on THE WAR ON TERROR, shall we?

Here’s some MATH. Read the * NUMBERS.( * disclaimered above, but close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades)

You are more likely to have a SATELLITE fall on your HOUSE TWICE on the same day than be the victim of domestic terrorism, no matter how long you live.


I’m not going to even baffle you with bullshit about “unnamed sources” and conflicting evidence about terrorist groups.

Think of everyone you know. How many Terrorists have they known, or been victimized by?


I will get into 9/11, and a friend of your aunt’s sister knew a girl in the buildings, and the horrible tragedy that was, later when we get to the Limbic brain.  That’s the one we called the Horsey Brain as children, the one capable of emotion as well as reflex.

But for now, here’s your next * NUMBERS.

You are a hundred thousand times more likely to be at the least roughed up, and the worst unfairly kidnapped by your local POLICE than by a TERRORIST.

Think of everyone you know. Who has not had a story about being arrested, and being pushed around by some jack-booted young thug with a badge? Do you know anyone who doesn’t know someone with a horror story of being arrested on a bullshit charge, then having to put out a shit-load of money to buy their freedom back?

Police Officers used to be called Officers of the Peace, live IN a COMMUNITY, as part of said community. “The Policeman is Your Friend” has gone by and by in a World of Reptilian Brained SIEGE MENTALITY.

They have come out with combat ready POLICE CARS to use as a means of introducing the “Homeland Security” mentality to your local Law Enforcement, replete with HOSEABLE BACK SEATS and BOMB SNIFFERS. Holy Shit. They HOPE you thinks its cool.

If you light up the acres of convoluted cortex, you can see which one you should rationally fear.  Your inattention, or the kid with the baseball. Cops & the Government or boogeymen under the bed?


You are a gazillion to the tenth power more likely to be spied on by your own Government, than a Terrorist Spy.

Its called the PAT ACT.

The Russkies don’t care what Porn you surf, the Pakistani’s aren’t reading your CREDIT REPORTS and BANK ACCOUNTS, the Iraqi’s could give a flying FUCK which POLITICIAN here you criticize… the only TERRORISM being perpetrated on you is by the GUYS YOU VOTED for to do so.


Now lets go back to 9/11 and delve into your EMOTIONAL reflex center.

Lie NUMERO UNO on that, created to hot wire right into your LIMBIC Brain?

“We have kept you safe since 9/11, trust us, what we are doing MUST be working.”

Wow. Doesn’t that make you feel all safe and confident? Like you can grab your Teddy Bear and snuggle under the covers, cuz Daddy just looked under the bed, and there was no monsters there? We loves us some Daddy. He and Mommy make everything safe.

Except Daddy ignored the BRINKS™ alarm system and LET THEM IN IN THE FIRST PLACE!

If NOT having a TERRORIST attack was measure of a Good President, Bush would come in as number 43 on a list of 43 Presidents. Dead FUCKING LAST.


Lets make it Mommy Math simple.

1. You have nothing to fear from Terrorists.

So shut that Reptilian Brain up.

2. The government isn’t making you safer, it is making you less SAFE from IT, ITSELF.

So shut up that warm and fuzzy Limbic function falling for the false security.

3. Engage your Cerebral Cortex, assess the situation and DO THE MATH about who represents the biggest THREAT to you. IT’S YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

They are the ones spying, taking away your FREEDOMS, your RIGHT TO HABEAS CORPUS, TORTURING and GENERALLY TREATING YOU LIKE A SUSPECT; they have made you an “potential enemy” in your own HOME. YOUR COUNTRY.

4. Focus on the Game.

Go play baseball with your kid. Be totally in the moment and CATCH the fastball coming at your head. Then take him and his whole baseball team to Washington to PROTEST.



If your really managing the higher thinking at this point, realize that this is related to Essay #1 and #2. Gee. Why would they want to take our jobs, take away our workers rights, take away our privacy and civil rights, make us live in FEAR, and trust ONLY THEM to protect us?

What purpose would THAT possibly serve?


Its called Class Warfare.

Last MATH for now?

We are about 6 billion to their 2,000.

That is all for today.


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    • Diane G on December 14, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    Your CHOICE.

    Your RATIONAL choice.

    • Edger on December 14, 2008 at 4:49 pm

  1. we zall hafta purtect da country den why donts dey gib us all guns?

    Black, it’s an old theme.

    Dubai as it turns out is in line to be the new financial captial of the elites.  Davos Switzerland may fall by the wayside.

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