Charges dropped against the Hempstead 15!

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This morning all charges were dropped against the Hempstead 15, members of Iraq Veterans Against The War and their supporters who were accused of disorderly conduct for an act of civil disobedience they engaged in on October 15th during the last Presidential debates at Hofstra University in NY.

Nick Morgan (center) was trampled by a mounted policeman’s horse, and there will be a lawsuit. The vets are very grateful for everyone’s support.

I am guessing there will be a more formal announcement made in the future, but for now those of you who really deserve it can contemplate the thousand words embodied in these happy smiling faces, and know that by REALLY being there to support these troops you helped get some justice done today.

Thank you.


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  1. These guys have walked the walk and then some. Please support IVAW and Veterans for Peace!

  2. …from the lady DA was milk toast boiler plate.  So they dismissed the charges (flagrantly wrong charges)fraudulently levied against these patriot veterans, but this only represented how fully they wanted to “dismiss” any idea that ‘their’ police horses had been led to trample troops.

    I’m not buying the “polite” language.

  3. out of line on this one that they should be prosecuted. The vet whose face was smashed had some serious injuries. A mere dismissal isn’t really adequate compensation. I do hope the wounded vet wins a big jury award.

    Our police force cannot be permitted to act violently against civil protesters, especially vets. The level of police violence against civilians has increased under Bu$hdom, and now that the Domestic Terrorism act is in place, it encourages the more violent elements in the police to act out.

    I don’t know exactly how this can be countered, but this incident is evidence of the increase in anti-civilian violence police across the nation are exhibiting. With the declining economy, more protests will arise. I do not want them met with the unnecessary violence exhibited by the Hempsted, NY police.

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