Untapped Resources

What American generation had the most resources?

Did my experience of discovering my mother was a sociopath lead me to the discovery that American leaders are also sociopathic?

Can you as an American throw a rock from one pharmacy to the next?

Are you “on” something?  Do you absolutely need to be “on” something?

The parents of the baby boomers of course.  This most frugal of generations, having lived through world wars and brought up post depression have their ideals cemented in the Lawrence Welk era.  They have saved, scrimped and were able to forgo years of not purchasing updates for hardware and software they didn’t need or phones, wide screen TVs of ever increasing resolutions and the HDDVD players that need software updates they have not idea how to install.

Thing one of the medical establishment is HIPPA.  Are your medical records private?  Well,  to the ones you love, yes.


True story.

My son-in-law asked a doctor about a test which may have been positive for his wife.  The test in question was for mutilple schlerosis.  He told me the doctor said “It was none of his business”.  I was furious and told him that as an honest hard working tradesman, not knowing the corporate assolianism of this current world,he needed to be armed with that most specific phrase in legalese to knock this asshole off his high horse.  ” I have the HIPPA document for my wife at home”.

The larger Satanic meme of HIPPA was to indoctrinate the medical establishment into not giving out the medical information to those really in need of it.  Those in the immedidate family, who when called upon should be able to make decisions on how to best care for an elder parent or spouse.  Those decisions rest upon the name listed in “their” electronic records.  So parents, spouses, even significant others, before getting to your nearest emergency room get thee to thy local pontificate legal authority and procureth thyself the almighty HIPPA document that describes before the assholes controlling the world that you in fact do have some rights should you have to decide the medical fate of the one you love so dearly.  Go forth to your primary care doctor and proclaim you do in fact have said documentation in hand and properly notarized before said witnesses.  Do the very same thing for local hospitals 911 would most likely dump you off at.

The bottom line is that the medical establishment “services their clients” in the new Homeboy Security manner and you as a concerned loved one are fucked if you are not pre-registered and pre-prepared.

The other piece of shit Satanically inspired legislation is entitled, The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.  What it means for clueless tradesman.

If your parents gave you any money over the past five years over the grand sum of $50 US dollars on any acceptable holiday occasion, and said parents need expensive medical care you get to pay that money back before your parents get the medical attention and care they need.

Now for the white collar class, they know about and have the resources, money, knowledge, whatever to plan ahead and or pay the lawyer huge sums of money to protect “the estate” thus saving it and allowing “the state” to take up the exorbitant costs of nursing home care for an elder.

Not a big fan of allopathic medicine in the first place.




As to “diet” drinks and artificial sugar.  Such things have always left a taste of battery acid in my mouth for four solid hours and I took that as a natural defense mechanism of this crap sucks and I should not ingest it.  I never get flu shots and would consider taking a tylenol only if on death’s door.

As to my mother and the current sociopaths in control?  The internet says the best solution is to walk away.  Indeed how does one walk away from his country.


  1. and contemplating the prospect of that Supreme Court decision of how does one get a divorce from one’s mother.

    I can always tack up the Apocalytic Horse so I don’t care.

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