Twas the Night Before Election

But my life is entering DefCon 5, Red Alert, man the battlestations and tack up the Apocalyptic horse.  Still unemployed, Dad is in the nursing home and Ma is failing fast behind him yet in checking the sources I came up with this piece I had to agree up until the very end conclusions.  It tries to debunk the End Time prophecies centered around the year 2012 and offers many reasons why this is just not true.  It includes the futurist analysis technique of saying it may happen because we believe in it.……

So the Mayan calendar just ends and signifies nothing.  So to does my suburban life I think.  Screaming at me from all sides of the spectrum an Obama “win” despite all of our hopes and dreams is not going to avert the crisis that will come to this country.  Yes, I know that makes me unpopular, a loon or a tin foil hatter but I am used to all that.  I have fully embraced that concept of Globo-corp rules and governments drool. I have even seen it spilling out of the alternative “conspiracy” websites and directly into lamestream media.  I should reference that but life has become a whirlwind of doctors, meds,lawyers and even me carrying that tool of Satan, a cell phone.  What do you think my wife’s cell phone did.  It won’t charge and it says “Unauthorized Charger”, unauthorized?  Does this terminology come directly from the Department of Homeland Insecurity?  A phone is pissing me off.

Remember I said it as ugly as it is we may just look back on the “good old” days of Bush.  Yes, that was painful.


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  1. … don’t forget the monks, it’s not all Globocorp and Obama.

    And don’t forget your friends here, either.



  2. … don’t forget the monks, it’s not all Globocorp and Obama.

    And don’t forget your friends here, either.



    • pfiore8 on November 4, 2008 at 10:27

    letting go of the end times… and what we think are good times or bad times.

    and if we let go and fall, then maybe we land somewhere . . . not easier perhaps, but maybe we can fashion something that makes more sense. less convenience i know, but perhaps more involvement in living.

    can we re learn to hunt and farm and take care of ourselves without this massive governmental/corporate infrastructure seducing us to work hard to feed them?

    maybe we get a chance to take back control of our lives…

    now. why not believe that?  

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