Tropic Monster

A little note for anyone who needs to see things a little differently.

Just turn your head upside down.

This is my last shot of the day.

I got my camera strap wet (I almost dunked the cam), getting as low as possible to the water for a reflection shot.

I couldnt really see in the dark.

The higher plants on the right are tall papyrus.

The weepy looking beauty is a cypress. There are two more smaller ones as you pan left.

The reflection is off of the water, in the salt water spa, located up in the rocks & water falls.

The deja-vu part works this way.

Look at the bottom half of the pic, with residual foam from the jacuzzi jets.

Step one is finished.

Now look at the top pic.

You just deja vu`ed it.




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  1. I love it.  Wish I were with you instead of here, where it snow-flurried again today.

  2. We had a wonderful sunset here in Missouri last night, much like your 6 shot photo, but I just couldn’t seem to pull it off. Maybe it was the shivering.

    A contact of mine did manage to pull off a beautiful HDR photo of this sunset about 20 mi south of me that can be seen here.

    Here’s to seeing thing differently!


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