The Hempstead 15: Arraignment protest photo diary

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Today about 50-75 people came out to protest the arraignment of the Hempstead 15.

(This is the courthouse side of the street, more people were initially on the other side.)

Mac Bica, the chapter coordinator for Vets for Peace Long Island, speaks to the press

as Charlotte and Sue from CodePink LI stand nearby.

“Them Coleses” have a little reminder for the Department of Hopeless Insecurity.

My husband Eric looks on as the press get some commentary from Elliot Adams and Bill Perry of Veterans for Peace.

Some protesters had blown-up prints of the photos Bill Perry took of Nick after he was trampled.

Matthis Chiroux (under the lefthand sign) comes out after his arraignment

to let people know what’s going on.

Nick Morgan talks to Channel 12.

I happened to get his “good side” but he still has quite the Heidelberg scar.

More photos are here.

I have heard two different things. The first is that all members were arraigned and assigned staggered court dates because the court didn’t want to make it easy for coordinated protests to happen. The second thing I heard was that the Nassau D.A., Kathleen Rice, had agreed to drop the charges. I am guessing IVAW will be making an official announcement soon.

Thanks to any of you who came out to support the Hempstead 15! If you want to help but could not be there in person then please donate to IVAW to help Nick pay for his medical treatment!

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  1. We’re taking this country back – ALL of it!

    • OPOL on November 10, 2008 at 18:57
  2. …not the Vets.

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