The DocuDharma benefits package

Most regular users get the benefit of UNLIMITED COMMENTS! and UNLIMITED ♥ & WRONGS!  After a single day they get the one time only BONUS OFFER of two (count ’em) TWO ESSAYS A DAY!


But tell them what’s behind the curtain Johnny.

We promote here.

We have 6 to 12 spots a day where we feature member essays on the front page.

If you have a regular beat like The Morning News or Weekend News Digest you should tag it uniquely so we can bookmark it and read all the episodes.  If you’re persistent enough enough OTB will create a graphic and an RSS feed.  I really wish a tag was included because I don’t understand RSS at all.

I’m going to publicly nominate Real News and In Their Boots and Bike Blogging and commit myself in the next Friedman Unit or two to tagging the catalog.  I’m hopeless at graphics.  You are the best judge of where your own work belongs on the shelf.  From our Front Page it is DharmaDocs Series.

Then below (too far in my opinion) is Topics.

The most instructive button in my opinion is All Tags by Rank.  It’s still searchable for a particular string (in your browser) even though it’s not alphabetical.  As you see it’s quite easy to locate regular content if you have a scroll mouse.

And the threshold of joining is to pretty much declare your intentions, even in retrospect.  We respect that.

I am enormously impressed by your contributions and find it hard to chose among them.  I’m constantly thinking about ways to make your writing more accessible.  If I seem to give a preference to Guest Bloggers and Contributing Editors it’s because they’re so shy.

All of them have access to the Admin Forum (or if not we should fix that) and every day for about a week ahead (ok, so I’m not that ELIZA like) there are all the open slots that people who have not committed to weekly or daily series available.

Most people don’t like to be constrained by the clock and publish by muse.

Hey! A Ok!

But I’m concerned that mine is not the only editorial voice.  Thank goodness for buhdy with whom my blood feud of vengance eternally rages.

This is why I’m constantly agitating for Guest Bloggers, Contributing Editors, and Admins to promote their own and others.  All you have to do is log in and suggest something, and we’ll give it a look.  Those with promotion power should make a note and take action.  More rest for me.

As for you slackers…

Do you think this is over?

Do you think that just because we have a Democratic President and a filibuster proof Senate our job is done?


Without pressuring our Representatives to REPRESENT us they just won’t.

What did Glenn say last night?

Politicians respond to constituencies and pressure.  Constituencies which announce their intention to maintain respectful silence all but ensure that their political principles will be ignored.

It is absolutely up to you to bring problems to our attention if you expect things to change!


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  1. I like what I like.

  2. ever read Emperor Hadrian?  Along with Unitary Moonbat, he’s one of my favorite orange bloggers.  Here’s the link to his rescued post that I found after work tonight:

    Please take a look and see what you think.  I am surprised nobody has invited him to this site before…but it’s possible I’m way off-base.  Still, I think he’s terrific…and if y’all’ll have me, well, EH is so much better….

  3. you know to make any suggestions ek. And I never make requests either….

    I am just assuming you’re a perfectionist ek or else you wouldn’t be constantly looking for ways to improve the site. Are you a bit type “A”?

    Anyway think you’re doing a bang up job… Not that my approval brings with it any rewards of glory.

  4. Thank goodness for buhdy with whom my blood feud of vengance eternally rages.


    • BruceMcF on November 15, 2008 at 12:30 am

    … regular as clockwork, at least once per year, sometimes more.

    So I sees the link and says to myself, I says, “hey, great, someone else is doing bike blogging, must have missed it”. Yike, the second post down in that page is December 27, 2007.

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