Exclusive First Listen: Youth and Paul McCartney

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NPR brings another musical treat Exclusive to it’s audience, this one about the group known as The Fireman.

NPR.org, November 18, 2008 –  When The Fireman released its debut album in 1993 – the instrumental dance and electronica mix Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest – the band’s identity was a mystery. U.K. music magazine Melody Maker eventually exposed The Fireman as a duo featuring the bassist and producer known as Youth and, to everyone’s surprise, Paul McCartney. Reviewers praised the collaboration as “staggeringly brilliant,” but it was a strange and entirely unexpected direction for the former Beatle.

A Comment from the community at NPR:

I was hoping for something more spiritual, but I was not disappointed. It is structured like a live concert so the listerner must give it time to develope to its full. (What musician does not start slowly, except for Dave Grohl?) I wonder if there will be a live version of this. I personally like “Don’t Stop Running,” because it reminds me of my walk down a different Abbey Road.

And there’s a few more as well as abit more of the description at the link above.

Than over at NPR’s All Songs Considered from October 20, 2008 you’ll find Paul McCartney and The Fireman, Oasis, More.

Paul McCartney is about to release a new album he recorded with bassist and producer Martin Glover, a.k.a. Youth. Calling their project The Fireman, McCartney and Youth have put together an inspired mix of vocal pop and rock songs called Electric Arguments. It’s due out in November, but we’ve got a sneak preview of it for you. Also on the show: Oasis is back with one of its best albums in years; Hear the song “To Be Where There’s Life” from the CD Dig Out Your Soul. Simon Bookish is the performance and recording name of London-based composer Leo Chadburn. His music is part David Bowie, part Philip Glass. Hear a cut from his new album Everything/Everything. We’ve also got music for you from the Australia-based instrumental project Bombazine Black, a collaboration with singer Amy Rigby and ’70s pop artist Wreckless Eric, Nashville’s artful, Americana rock group Lambchop, and new music from Vic Chesnutt with Elf Power and the Amorphous Strums.

But back to the new release of The Fireman.

You can open their player and listen to the whole album, with that link or over at the site link.

But they go further and give you the individual song cuts, of which I’ll give a couple here, there’s thirteen songs on the album:

Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight

Sun Is Shining

Lovers in a Dream

Don’t Stop Running

There’s some really good sounds within and great mixes, sounds you might not expect from a McCartney album but than again you might as he’s always been one to experiment and move into different styles.

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