Election Results Open Thread

I suspect that some of you may have a passing interest in tonight’s results.

Because I have unlimited essays, I’ll post some open threads for you to express your feelings.

If you want to post your own essay about a particular item of interest please don’t hesitate to do so.  I don’t expect we’ll have to worry as much about traffic as some other sites.

I’ll be busy cranking together Overnight News Digest, so I may not be around much.


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  1. Because you should be accountable for what you say.

  2. He wants us to express our feelings?

    Alright that is a little weird.

    Anyway heading to work will check in later see how y’all are doing…

  3. Kt McC

    Vt O

    Indiana too close, Tweety thinks it significant.

    Ga, Wa, & SC too early

    +12 House seats D

    Warner blowout

    Too close in Kt (McConnell) and Ga (Chambliss)

  4. the charm:


    It’s maybe the most important thing I’ve read online in the last four years.

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