Letter to Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi

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It has taken me some time to process my emotional reaction to the events of October 15th. On that day, a complete atrocity occurred. American blood was shed on American soil once more – not by foreign terrorists but by the soulless, brainwashed agents of Bush’s police state, acting against the very veterans who define this country’s freedom and swore to defend the US Constitution with their lives. US combat veterans returned from service in Iraq and Afghanistan came to petition their presidential candidates with legitimate and valid questions concerning the ending of the Iraq war and the treatment of veterans at home, only to experience disrespect and physical injury at the hands of Nassau County police officers and their shadowy, unidentified, badgeless Department of Hopeless Insecurity supporters.

I can honestly say that I have not been this angry in decades. A foul and obscene mockery has been made of my military service; that of my husband; both his parents; my uncle; my grandfathers; and my great-uncle. A mockery has been made of the service of anyone who has ever put on the uniform and sworn to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. How DARE they!

It is my drum that can be heard in the background in this video.

It is my voice that you hear roaring, “WHO THE FUCK DO YOU WORK FOR!!! WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!!!” in this video.

And I am the one who took this picture of Nick Morgan and Liz Hourican shortly before they were both injured by a horse.

As I learned that one of our veterans had been trampled and his blood was all over the street, I completely went beserk. I almost wish there was video of that, because that was when I turned the tables on a badgeless, nameless federal death merchant who had chosen me to target with his thousand yard stare. I gave him something to stare at, all right! I may only be 5’2″ but my fury had a slightly longer shadow that night as I dressed that predatory, anonymous bastard down. By the time this little redheaded ex-sergeant was done with Mr. War Face, the only thing he was looking at was the ground. Yep, little me broke a Blackwater goon down. That would have been some video to see for sure. I wonder if the Feds have any video of that? Let’s put it this way: I FUCKING HOPE SO!!!

All that said, no actual violence occurred that did not begin and end with the “professionals” of the Nassau County PD.

Today I finally was able to get past the blinding rage and actually put my thoughts into words. So without further ado I give you the letter I wrote to Tom Suozzi, the Nassau County Executive who I voted for not once but three times, once to hold the position he now holds, and twice for Mayor of the town I live in.

As a veteran of Desert Storm, third generation military with members of my family having served on active duty in all four branches, I am completely appalled that the blood of a US veteran of the Iraq war was shed on US soil right here in Hempstead by one of the county’s mounted police officers. The decision to use mounted police as crowd control was extremely poor and increased the potential for life threatening situations. I am shocked and embarrassed at the disrespect being shown by my county for peaceful protesters and honorable combat veterans. These men interviewed with two of your detectives and told them exactly what was planned and that they would not resist arrest or become violent in any way. Not one hand was raised against the officers of the Nassau County police department.

Furthermore, there are photos that show men in light TAC/riot uniforms with the county seal, but these men are wearing no badges or other identification which would allow the citizenry to hold them accountable for their behavior. I find the use of such methods unconstitutional in the extreme. Even our military wear some form of identification while in combat. Without a means for accountability attached to the uniform of a public official, it becomes possible for that individual to commit acts that shame the entire police corps. Please explain who these officers were, whether they were actual Nassau police or hired agents provided at the Federal level and why they were not wearing any form of id while serving as law enforcement among our citizens!

Any shmoe can buy a TAC uniform online and sew on some patches and pretend that they are a law enforcement officer and this is the other reason this practice is completely unacceptable. I am sure you well know that police impersonation is on the rise as criminals begin to realize that the public have been conditioned to obey and fear the uniform rather than scrutinize the individual wearing it.

Once again, I remind you that I come from three generations of defenders of this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. I will NOT accept or recognize the presence of any form of law enforcement in this county that refuses to identify itself, sir, and I suggest that you do the same!

It is with sorrow that I must confront you on these issues, as I have been very proud in the past of your good works and accomplishments in the service of both Nassau and Glen Cove. If you allow the GOP to run roughshod over you, what you have seen is that they will also run roughshod over your people.

In the matter of Nick Morgan, Adam Kokesh, Kris Goldsmith, Matthias Chiroux and the rest of the Hempstead 15 I must stand with my brothers and sisters of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace and demand that you find and discipline the officer who decided to use mounted troops as crowd control, find and discipline the officer who deliberately trampled nonviolent protesters as they retreated onto the sidewalk as ordered, and IMMEDIATELY work to ensure that ALL law enforcement officers serving in a public capacity are wearing some readily available form of identification which they WILL present to the citizenry upon request.

Additionally you should be aware that via a hidden microphone it was made known that the officers did not read the protesters their rights before arresting them, bragged about not having to read them their rights, and treated them with severe disrespect. Nick Morgan, who has a broken cheekbone and fractured ribs, was initially denied access to hospital care and was taunted by county officers. These men and women were ready to bleed and die for their country and they are treated like this in Nassau County on YOUR watch? After serving in dangerous conditions abroad, their blood is shed HERE on OUR soil by Americans? This is OUTRAGEOUS! I know you can fix this. In the name of all that is holy, if you are still the man I voted for as Mayor and as County Executive, PLEASE DO SO.

Iraq Veterans Against the War have asked supporters to call the Nassau County Police Department and complain. Here are the contacts to do so:



Public Information Office


516-573-7138 (24 hour)

516-573-7118 FAX

And the complaint line

Call 516-573-7000 and ask to be connected to the Desk Officer where the incident occurred (Hofstra University).

Nassau County Police Internal Affairs Unit: 516-573-7120

Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Special Investigations : 516-571-2100

NYS Attorney General, Civil Rights Division: 1-800-771-7755


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  1. I will give Tom Suozzi a week to reply before going down to his office IN PERSON and sending a copy of this letter to Newsday.

  2. I’d like to sign on to a petition in support of your letter.  Maybe you can see if IVAW will e-mail one out.  Or you could put one here or on PDA.

    I will call the Atty General, but I can’t make the other toll calls.  Are there e-addies?

  3. Please explain who these officers were, whether they were actual Nassau police or hired agents provided at the Federal level and why they were not wearing any form of id while serving as law enforcement among our citizens!

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