Help Cindy Sheehan defeat Nancy Pelosi!

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Pelosi has been a disaster as speaker of the House, and a traitor to the Constitution.  She has removed impeachment from the table, enabled Bush’s warrantless and illegal surveillance of American citizens, continued to fund the occupation of Iraq, and supported the nearly one trillion dollar blank check to bail out Wall Street.  Whatever your party affiliation, whatever other feelings you might have about the candidates, if you care about your country and the direction in which it is headed, now is the time to make genuine change for the better.  Unseat Nancy Pelosi, vote in Cindy Sheehan, and send a message to the rest of Congress: NO MORE!


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  1. … it just struck me, what Sarah Palin is complaining bogusly about is what’s actually happening to Cindy Sheehan.

    Sheehan is a hero, no matter what anyone thinks of her other personal qualities.

    I don’t know if she would make a good Congresswoman or not.  I also don’t know what would have happened if we as a society had been able to expand our consciousness enough to have really honored her and not tried instead to force her into a square peg she could never fit.

    I think the way Cindy Sheehan has been treated is a national disgrace, and also such a big waste of our own spirit.  I look at Nancy Pelosi and then at the courage of Cindy Sheehan … and it’s not a “Palin” moment at all.  

  2. I am sending Cindy money.

  3. Cindy Sheehan. She turned the tide of public opinion about the war and the Bushies. She was the first citizen to speak up fearlessly. She  told the truth and her truths are consistent with her political stances across the board. How she was treated is as NP said a national disgrace. Citizen legislators rather then so called are needed.  

    It is also disgraceful that a district as liberal as SF votes in machine society doyennes election after election. Both Nancy and Diane are disgraces to a city I called home for more then a decade. Sister Boom Boom would be better then Nancy. I will support Cindy and not just in opposition but because she is just what we need, citizen representatives who have courage and are liberal.          


  4. They broke into her frigging office on Oct. 30th and stole her field director’s laptop.

    The abject fear this woman instills in the BushCo sellouts and corporate shills is beautiful to see.

    Dearest Gods, I’d give her the blood from my veins if it would help. Cindy Sheehan rocks. I pray she wins.

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