Future Historians Will Argue about America’s Death Date

Was it 911, or perhaps Patriot Acts 1,2 and 3.  I still find it too calculated, too planned to not be the work of the an Illuminati lead by the ant-christ himself.  The symbolism leading to October 1, 2008 is dramatic.  The stock market crash to -777, a known signigicant number.  The Pravda “press” all pushing for “a package” as I got my “package”, a forced “retirement” deal.  A bailout of known felons whose only purpose in life is the exploitation of others.  It is the institutionalized S&M dominatrix effect to make global citizens out of us all.  They want you to take it up the ass and say thank you Sir may I have another.

There were so many other plausible end America scenarios that could have been more merciful.  Bird flu, thermo-nuclear war with Russia,starting world war three but even in listing these schemes I clearly see why.  Such things would bring about a rather swift death, and easy exit to this world.  Having been hearded figuratively into the train to Auchwitz by accepting a retirement package from a job I loved……well emotional stress is what they drink up like fucking vampires.

There was a news report this very morning.  In Springfield Mass the image of the Virgin Mary has been seen in a pane of glass.  I should go.

The severance check BTW was after TAX, no doubt a slick payoff to seal the non-enforcement of workers demanding rational behavior of business, but no.  What the great payoff is all about is funding for the Illuminati prime directive.  Building the infrastructure of reinforcement, reinforcement of the 14 characteristics of facsim and the matrix “news” control grid that keeps people at the intelligence level of a five year old.






Apocalyptic Horse ride real soon!


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  1. The Patriotic thing to do in this case are welcome.

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