Caribou Barbie Speculation

Due to her obvious gifts I believe it to be important to discover the true identity of Caribou Barbie.  I don’t want to expose docudharma to a possible law suit over identity theft.

I make note that Caribou Barbie has been called by various names — Cb, Barbie, CarB, Carrie and others which I may have missed.  But the most telling trait is her profound percociousity!  She is extremely witty, endulging in an advanced form of satire through her (or his) obviously deep familiarity with centuries of world (especially English) literature.  Additonally, she displays a comfortable facility with regional dialect which is vaguely reminiscent of a background in dramatic arts.  

She is also a tad randy, as demonstrated by some of her/his more off-un-colour jokes.

So I have initiated this contest in order to reveal the real Caribou Barbie.  Please register your choices in comments.  Is it actually Tina Fey?  Maureen Dowd?  Barbara Boxer?  Or is it an alias for one of us dharmaniacs?  Do record your ideas below.  And thank you for helping to expose this hoax, if that is truly what it is.

ek hornbeck- We don’t have many rules around here, but the ban on outing people is one of the most serious.  No, my snark meter is perfectly intact, but I don’t feel I can be fair and not make note of this.

I have modified the title and added this commentary, in part to show that the powers of Admins to regulate this behavior are really quite considerable.  Other than that I’m not contemplating any further action unless it becomes necessary.

If you have a problem with my judgement in this feel free to take it up with buhdy, I did not consult him or any other Admin.


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  1. For that silver tongue of satire, but then again it might be Molly Ivins or kj

    • Robyn on October 31, 2008 at 03:09

    …having a laugh.

  2. with your time, Dramazoid?  Surely somewhere a tree is in need of a hug!

  3. I wish I could encourage this, because I’m sure it’s meant in a light hearted spirit.

    But we don’t out people here.


  4. …It was mean’t in good fun!

    • Edger on October 31, 2008 at 10:23

    she’s not the real thing???

    • RiaD on October 31, 2008 at 14:06

    it’s a sock puppet of ek’s!

    all this Whoo-Hah over the title & lil’ disclaimer thrown in, although in reality following ‘the rules’, was done to throw everyone off the scent….

    who else has that acerbic wit? that grasp of politics? that cultured dramatic background? that vast well of literary knowledge?

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