A Riotous Time?

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** Now as a consideration for my dear friend OPOL as well..whose excellent essay “They Better Hope We Don’t Wake Up” also burns as truth in my soul.

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(…this started as a response to Gottlieb’s reply to Proximity1 in Ed’s PROMIS essay but grew beyond what I had to say to him into a general essay on the subject…)

I was going to ask first, somewhat glibly, “Would you then come back & help?

Then as thoughts of Pandora’s Box came into my mind, it grew into ponderings too large to be ignored, not a subject for glibness or levity.

This may be the biggest decision America has had to face in light of our current conditions and the available technology in which they will be dealt.

So, this isn’t just a reply to his comment anymore, but a thought to those who would say “riot” lightly.

It is also a question for those who are ready, and say “riot” not lightly, but with full intent.

Read on for my thinking. Consider well before you leap my friends, for when we leap there really is no going back. And most of us would not live to see the fruits of our actions.

Those of us aware of what the government has prepared know the risks and are already more than a little frightened. Those that are not will be really SHOCKED as hell when our own turn against us in the name of security.  They will be blindsided, while we will not. We will have to lead.


Basically all the “Black Hood” methods are already in place and on hold. We have a standing army (Blackwater) answerable to no one in country and now have (read Cheryl’s post here ) troops deployed in the US too, for the purpose of “Peace Keeping”.

I wonder what people will do when they realize not only will the economy collapse anyway after giving the rich their “get outta the country free check”, but when they realize we all are suspects? When they realize how very 1984 this country has become?

They are poking a stick at a caged animal, to see which one will bite back, so they have reason and justification for euthanizing it.

I am starting to wonder if the “Family” really wants an excuse to not so much ethnic cleanse, but religious ideology cleanse this country.

PhotobucketIf the riots begin, you can no more riot a little than be a little bit pregnant.

It will be like those falling dominoes of “V” and create a chain reaction, that once started, must be played out to the bitter end.

Are you really ready? Ready to be the catalyst for troop engagement and martial law?

Not you, not me, we are no threat?

Even the most Peace minded people, if they protest the torturing or incarceration of their own family or friends will be suspect. For example, I despise what this administration has completed, the wet dreams of neo-cons since the early 70’s come to fruition.

I want human rights, equality and the betterment of existence for all peoples. I think exceptionalism (which Sarah Palin proudly barked in her debate performance) is really a horrid world view. I believe in Freedom of and from religion, freedom across gender, race and orientation. I believe in the right to privacy, the right to protest, the right of a Free Press.

All of these things I espouse threaten the structure of the Fascist Unitary Executive that is Corporate Directed.

Am I ready to die for these, ready at this time to leave my son Motherless and let them take him, place him in a “Proper” family that will indoctrinate him in the good of the Borg?

What is “bad enough” as in “If it gets bad enough?”

It is not yet.


Not for me.

It may be nearing on the horizon. I am watching, but not yet ready to race to meet it.

I am not ready to drag so much of humanity with me in my haste.

That is choice we will each have to make for ourselves. That is a choice that when made will also force the fate of others who may not have decided.

I would say protest, strike and stop buying a damned thing would probably be the most effective for now.

Peacefully Protest.


Even in that, I would be in such a tiny minority that it would be pointless.

The PROMIS story will already show untimely deaths of those who tried to expose it. “With Extreme Prejudice” is a directive for assassination. We are so small a group who sees the direction of this country, we the liberal bloggers, that culling us out of the herd would be so easy as to appear accidental. Or they could discredit us by claiming we were planning violence against innocents, even though our whole intent is to protect innocents.

The apparatus is in place, I believe, already. Reams have been written about it.

Secrecy, Secret Societies.


State of Emergency.

Martial Law.

Rex 84.

Detention Centers.


Microwave Weapons for Crowd Control.


Like Prego, its IN there.

You cannot be a little bit pregnant. This country will not allow you to riot a little. It will become a final battle.

So I ask.

Are each and every one of you ready to Riot?

If not, what would it take?


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    • Diane G on October 4, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    and so afraid, and so angry and so want peace.

    I just do not know what to do or when.

    • Robyn on October 4, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    …is stop being non-violent, to give up on the central tenet of my identity, to become someone other than who I am?

    Where do I sign up?

    Like ucc, I am conflicted.  If I have to become like them in order to “win,” then there is no winning, only losing.

  1. And they require individual answers after consideration.

    I don’t believe in violence. Period. I’m not giving up a life of working for peace.  If I did that, if they somehow forced me to do that, they would have won, regardless of the outcome. I have no back door to escape through on this.

    I’m committed to dreaming into being a world of peace and justice.  That just cannot be achieved through violence.  In fact, that world requires that my personal violence in action, intention, thought, speech, fantasy be recognized and restrained.  That does not mean being powerless.  It means harnessing our personal power and prayers and intentions and desires and joining with others to dream a new world into being.  There is no better time for this than right now.


    • OPOL on October 4, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    We must stand up to them nonviolently – and that takes more courage than violence.  I make exceptions for self-defense, but otherwise violence is never the answer.

    Peace and love y’all, peace and love.  🙂

    • Diane G on October 4, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    for the promo, I’m honored.

    It seems so many of us are on the same wavelength across the net today, it does make me wonder if we are on the verge of an awakening.

    I can hope, anyway.

  2. at least not until there is no food.

    Remember the levels and that for most people the elevator just don’t go all the way up so to speak.


    So doing the Wolverines thing “Red Dawn is not likely to materialize.

    Apocalyptic horse ride later.

  3. …a lot of priviledged people are likely to get less so, fast.  I think everyone is more than a little freaked by this.

    The thing that strikes me…in countries which have fallen apart this way…that “final battle” goes on for generations.  Empires die slowly, as a rule, and with an extremely federalized state, it can take a long, long time.  There’s no moral consensus, or a conscience to be shocked, or even a real conspiracy of elites…just gradually eroding control marked by increasing brutality.

    I hope with all my heart America does not become radicalized to this degree.  But you’ve hit the nerve…I think this is on everyone’s mind right now…

    • plf515 on October 4, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    then you  will die.

    Me? I’ll die easy.  I don’t even own a gun.

    But the government is vastly better armed, and better organized, then we will ever be.  Unless you know someone who owns a tank.  You might kill a few of them before they kill you, but you have no real chance of winning in that situation.

    So, rather than worry about something we can do nothing about, we might be better off working to avoid it happening in the first place, which is something we can do something about.

  4. people are hoping Obama can pull this one out they either don’t think he will or worry that even if he does the forces we are being squeezed by cannot be so easily reversed. Nobody talks about revolution unless they think the system itself does not, cannot, or will not work.

    I have said this countless times but I just don’t think the average American is “there” yet. I am not suggesting I am smarter than the average bear either. I have just had a feeling of sluggish doom since 2004 when Bush won again.

    We have become in my lifetime and increasingly passive culture in which any kind of protest is seem as dangerous and threatening instead of a natural limb of democracy. We are a nation of “watchers” ( I am guilty of that one ) because speaking out can lead to so much social isolation now and we have enough of that built into our every day lives. We are a capitalist nation instead of a democratic one. Americans sniff at China with its capitalist growth combined with subtle and not so subtle repression but how far are we from that and by the time we get there will anybody even think it worth the effort to protest?

    I have no answers just more and more questions.

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