Zero Honesty, Zero Future

It is after all that simple.  Proof of the secret government/Bilderburg/Illuminati/Globocorp in total control of the entire world can be found in any of the talking points of media lackeys and their designed confinement of this “debate” to the intelligence level of a five year old.  Please don’t torture us anymore, go back to the nuclear confrontation with Russia, please.  I can point to any “news” screen and tell my grandson “asshole”, “retard”, or even “agent of the Illuminati”.

The solution?  Many people need a maximum security cell in a prison like Attica with a 6′ 5 295 pound black guy with a huge desire for sex named Bubba.  This was from 2006.……

What day is it? Well it’s 1929.

Hello, RE Max, what do you have in line with a David Koresh style survivalist compound?  It has to be isolated and some plantable fields to grow food.

Golden years?  Pension from Enron sans bank to cash severance check.  The breadlines of October.


  1. from friends and family are coming in.

    • Robyn on September 26, 2008 at 3:27 am

    …was missing from this.  The racial overtone in it made it even worse.

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