Piggies Come Home To Roost

Sarah Palin makes bacon from Barack Obama and his phony message of change. Jim Pinkerton claims conservative feminism is sweeping the land. Elitism pours forth from the Obama campaign and from his water carriers in the press. The Weekly Standard has the details.

What are Dems going to do with Barack Obama? Clarence Page claims Obama needs a game-changer, and help from the Clintons, btw, right frigging now.  At the NYT, Tommy Friedman argues that Republicans are actually trying to make America stupider, Bob Herbert warns dimwittedness may prevail, and Maureen Dowd sneers that Governor Palin is an idiot.

As enjoyable as the current panic is, the fight I’m really looking forward will come after the election, when Dem dreams collapse into dust and the media dogs turn circle for a full-throated attack on Obama.

Will P. Diddy be wearing his ‘Obama or Die’ designer shirt? Which media lizards will we find slithering around the candidate and his wife? How long before the serpents sink their fangs? What will analysts be saying about the folks who shoved the most formidable politician in the Democratic Party to the back of the bus; and then lost?

Anyone think the simmering rage over the sexism of the Democratic primary has disappeared? Figure those accused of racism have  forgotten?  Think Hillary voters and all the Dems who even now face a resurgent Republican party rejuvenated by McCain-Palin at the top of the ticket are going to extend a hand of good-will to the supporters of the candidate whose feckless posturing, faux temple, excellent European vacation, dumb ‘presidential’ seal, and political meanderings allowed a moribund Republican party to rise from the dead?

Blame it on Hillary? When hasn’t blaming a Clinton sounded like a plan? Course, losing the election to a geriatric war-hero and his bubble-gum chewing side-kick will make it a lot harder to blame Hillary for a race she didn’t run. Plenty of Dems are sure to try, however, especially if the alternative is admitting you and your candidate fucked-up a gimme. 18 million Dems warned all along that Obama might not be able to close the deal. Proven right, Hillary supporters aren’t likely to accept any responsibility for the Chosen One’s defeat.

A year ago I shared space with a young Democratic activist. I was impressed by his ethics, his intelligence and his energy. Even when we’d disagree on detail or policy, the one point upon which we could both agree was that there was next to no chance whatsoever that a Republican would follow George Bush into the White House.

Sixty days before the election it appears that maverick Republican John McCain and a one-term Republican governor named Sarah Palin will be sworn in as President and Vice-President of the United States.

When President John McCain and Vice-President Sarah Palin take office Democrats will look at each other in disbelief for about sixty seconds: then tear each other to shreds. It’ll be hard not to laugh, given all the hoopla Dems have served up about a ‘different kind of politics’. The screams and howls will make the primary battles seem like a summer picnic.

I’ll bring popcorn.


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  1. A new record for my tiny blog.

    Many thanks!

  2. …about all the dramatic posts about the events in the campaign over the last month is the blind acceptance that a situation which didn’t exist 60 days ago will remain the situation 60 days from now.  There is something strange about the logic of “Things have changed.  They will certainly not change again.”

    This is also a good indication of why prediction markets are more valuable than analysis, either by pundits or by bloggers.  For all the hyperventilation out there, InTrade has only seen very modest pro-McCain movement.  Funny how all that certainty doesn’t seem to extend to most people being willing to put their money where their mouths are.

    As for the Dems, let them eat themselves.  They have it coming.  If we can manage to baste Republicans along with them, so much the better.

  3. What will analysts be saying about the folks who shoved the most formidable politician in the Democratic Party to the back of the bus; and then lost?

    I will refrain from blaming Hillary for Obama’s difficulties if you will refrain from your incessant whining about Hillary not being the nominee.


  4. you seem to swallow everything that comes out of it hook line and sinker. The primary is over and even Hillary has taken it better then you. Nasty scorched earth politics seem to be the only part of the process your interested in. I guess there really are PUMAS I thought they were a urban legend thing. when I get bitter about the election I think of your insanity and it snaps my head back. So keep pumping out these lovely essays.    

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