Yet More Anthrax III


Anthrax II

Andrew Tilghman @ TPM Muckraker


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  1. Not that I’m obsessive.

  2. It seems obvious to most everyone that they were sent with the intention of blaming UBL or Saddam, thereby giving the neocons and others another pretext to carry out their long planned dreams of “taking” Iraq, and creating a Pax Americana.

    How long would it take to prepare a batch of anthrax to mail out to various public figures as they did? Would there have been enough time from 11 September until the mailing date to do this? Or would the preparation process had to have begun prior to 11 September?

    If the latter is the case then someone obviously knew 9/11 was coming, maybe not in detail, but that something big was going to take place.

    I don’t think many people will buy into the idea that this was just two coincidental and unrelated events.

    Maybe this is just a dumb question but I’m still curious because if this has been discussed I’ve not seen it.

    • banger on August 9, 2008 at 18:14

    anybody could take the FBI’s story seriously. People have brought out the main issues here but you don’t really see them in the mainstream. The obvious thing is how, since this was a terrorist attack, they just didn’t send a bunch of those scientists to Guantanamo and torture the shit out of them–since they think torture works so well? I don’t get it. Here’s some obvious terror act and nothing is done. And on the other side of the scale are a whole lot of people from the Middle East and South Asia languishing in a torture prison because they were randomly picked up off the street by warlords and the ISI for some bounty the Americans were giving out, as my info indicates, with no questions asked.

    Go figure.

    There’s just no truthiness there.

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