Wild Pony Party

Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by U2

Photos courtesy of the BLM Image Gallery (Public Domain)

~♥~ Please don’t Rec the Pony Party.   This is Wild Open Thread.  ~♥~


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  1. the two ponies and the goat across the street came back. They were gone for two weeks and we thought maybe they went on vacation. The goat is my friend.

  2. Doesn’t seem at all “wild” to me, so I’m leaving!  Oh, and I’m taking a pony or two with me!

  3. Anybody else remember Noises Off?  

    As a team, they go to pieces with balletic exactitude, acting out the professional and personal disintegration of a scrappy English troupe touring in a mediocre sex farce. For theatergoers in New York, the brave and beleaguered world capital of control freaks on the verge, this disciplined rendering of chaos starts to feel like an exorcism. There was a reason, you realize, that the meticulously frantic “I Love Lucy” was so beloved in the atomic age.


    Heh…a can of sardines in mustard sauce between two slices of whole wheat bread makes an excellent lunch.

    To read the script of “Noises Off” is to scratch your head and wonder how anyone could possibly stage the darn thing. It is made up of three acts, in each of which the first act of a play called “Nothing On” is performed in different phases of a provincial tour.

    Financed by its faded star, Dotty Otley (Ms. LuPone), and directed by a self-dramatizing rake named Lloyd Dallas (Mr. Gallagher), the show is the scathing sum of every smirky, double-entendre-clogged British sex farce there ever was. (Think “Run for Your Wife!”) But it does have lots of speedy exits, entrances, collisions and a command of silly props (like plates of sardines) that demand hair-trigger timing

    Me, I didn’t get to see it with Patti Lupone.  Jane Curtin was in the Patti Lupone role when I went, and her reviews were less than spectacular.  OTOH, we had orchestra seats and she wasn’t that bad…she just is more of an ensemble player, whereas Lupone had gone for the diva spirit.

    If you haven’t yet read or seen Noises Off/Nothing On, I highly recommend reading it and seeing it.  Not necessarily in that order.

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