We Have To Talk, Green

First, I believe some one has the opportunity to leave others green with envy.

The image in the header is a mystery image. I promise it is not manipulated, to change it, regarding color, shape, original form, number of “portholes” etc etc.

If anyone can guess what it is, I will send them a large format print of their choice, from the series this image is from, which I will post tomorrow. Good luck & stay green.

I`ve been a little slow to post lately, but I believe it`s because I caught something from tonight`s post subject.

I feel like crawling into my shell, & if I do, I`ll keep an eye out.

Don`t run with shears & be careful out there….please.

A clue: The header object is familiar. Everyone has seen one growing up. It`s an “ugly duckling”, but does not quack.

It has feet, but does not paddle. It can see where it goes, butt not where it`s from, even though it constantly “looks” back.

The header is at the top of the page at the link below. (if the above was confusing)

By clicking on the main post image, you can see more of this slow shoot.




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    • RiaD on August 31, 2008 at 3:05 am

    either a violet or iris petal?

    gorgeous pics knucklehead!

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