Sen. Joe Biden – Dover Airbase – KIA’s

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Back a few years ago I went Absolutely Livid, have many many……………….. times from the first beat of the War Drums, this time while watching the CBS ‘Face the Nation’ sunday show. While the blood had rushed to my head I waited, impatiently, for the transcript to come up on their site. When it finally did, I quickly copied and pasted it to an e-mail and sent it out, but that didn’t quell the Absolute Rage. I wanted more who hadn’t seen it to get as Pissed as myself so I tried thinking of online News outlets, some just coming into being, to further trying to get this report out to as many eyes and minds as possible, one was a fairly new outlet, the Huffington Post. A few hours later, to my surprise, and still Royally Pissed at what was reported, I receive an E from the Huffington Post that they were going to run with it, saw very little that day and ensuing days from the MSM about this incident as told by Senator Biden to Bob Schieffer.

Huffington posted it on June 20, 2005 at 10:11 PM {you gotta love google, I didn’t keep the story, but a quick search and there it was}

Sen. Biden: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Be There When The Flag-Draped Casket Comes In’ …

On CBS News’s “Face the Nation” yesterday, Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.) told Bob Schieffer that the Defense Department policy forbids him from paying his respects to fallen soldiers as their coffins return to the US through the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Though no cameras and no press would accompany him, Biden said he had to receive express permission from the Pentagon to join a grieving family that had requested his presence as they met their deceased son who died in a car bomb in Iraq.

“I’m allowed in the military base. I’m not allowed to go to the mortuary,” he said.

The CBS Transcript of that show in PDF, they don’t have that video clip in their archives.

You can just Bet Joe hasn’t forgotten this incident nor the Parents of the Soldier returning in Flag Drapped Coffin!

The transcript follows the above at the link. Just did a quick search at the CBS ‘Face the Nation’ site but couldn’t find it, manybe someone else can have better luck, or as I just woke a short time ago a few more cups of java may kick in and I’ll try abit later to see if there’s a video somewhere, don’t think I knew how to grab them than.

Also now that Senator Bidens on the ticket you all might want to get to know his wife, what little I know and just read, she looks like a great fit with Michelle Obama working together on interests they are involved in.

The women behind the man running:

I can’t wait until America gets to know Jill Biden. As down to earth and serious about education as they come. She’s a working mom like many others around the country.

Biden is an English professor at the Delaware Technical and Community College. Professionally she has been a reading specialist, an English high school teacher and a teacher in a mental health institution.

This looks like a Win Win ticket, but if you want Change that will Only Come About From Us and Making Sure Those Who Represent Hear and Heed the Direction To Change!!

“American Prayer”

Dave Stewart, Exclusive Premiere: An Anthem For Change


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  1. and Reading teachers…..prejudice, I guess.

    I can no longer list everything that makes me angry about this administration….Biden is a good fit!

    • jimstaro on August 23, 2008 at 17:30

    Present and Past:

    a teacher in a mental health institution.

    The Potential that a Jill Biden in an Administration might just be what Wakes the Entire Country up to not only what Combat Vets, and Innocents in conflict theaters, are suffering with PTSD and TBI but the PTSD of the civilian population, Finally!!  

    • Viet71 on August 24, 2008 at 02:42

    and some fuck said I could not come onto a military base, I’d raise hell.  Big hell.

    Don’t know about you, jimstaro, but I saw lots of dead people (U.S. and Vietnamese).

    My feeling, you want to see dead bodies, you got authority (maybe a gun), you get to see the bodies.

  2. You might already be aware of the information in this article but if not I believe you would be interested, and if your time permits, perhaps an essay here and elsewhere.

    Here are a few paragraphs from the article:

    Veterans are also skeptical of McCain’s plans because as a senator, he has repeatedly voted against fully funding veterans’ health care. In 2005 and 2006, McCain voted against expanding mental health care and readjustment counseling for service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, efforts to expand inpatient and outpatient treatment for injured veterans, and proposals to lower co-payments and enrollment fees veterans must pay to obtain prescription drugs.

    McCain’s vote also helped defeat a proposal by Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow that would have made veterans’ health care an entitlement programme like social security, so that medical care would not become a political football to be argued over in Congress each budget cycle.

    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) gave him a D+ when they scored his voting record (whereas Obama got a B+). He’s voted with the interests of Disabled American Veterans only 20 percent of the time.

    “If McCain would work to properly fund VA care, there would be no issue about a VA card,” said Larry Scott, who edits the website “McCain, by wanting to give vets private care, is walking away from the VA and ignoring the problem. He is admitting that he will not properly fund the VA to the level where it can care for all qualified vets. “

  3. …if bush won the election.  I voted for Gore & hoped that he would win (which, as we all know, he actually did, but that’s another story).  But I tried to draw some comfort from the fact that bush’s daddy was a one term Prez. and though he was a bad to very mediocre Prez., his damages weren’t quite of the immediately apocalyptical variety.  Unfortunately, as we found to our horror, Jr. is much more skilled at demolition and incompetence than daddy ever hoped to be.  

    After the last 7+ years, most of us here, and many Americans realize that a McCain presidency would be like Jr’s reign of terror, but on steroids.  

    Biden and Obama are not perfect.  They have their flaws.  I can’t think of a single politician who doesn’t.  But, I do know that an Obama/Biden Presidency would be better for the active duty troops, veterans & their families, as well as for all Americans–than a McBush/McBush Clone Presidency.  In fact, I’m trying not to over-react, but, I can’t shake my “mother of all worries”.  My real concern is that a McBuch/McBush Clone presidency might be the last presidency that anyone in America would have to worry about.

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