Public Service Pony Party

I have to re-certify my ACLS

next week and in typical calico fashion I haven’t cracked a book. I am going to have to because I forget some of the more obscure rhythms that we don’t see in my work place very often.

Even if you don’t know some of the more advanced life saving techniques one thing that can help you enormously is becoming familiar with an AED. The AED identifies a “shockable” rhythm and then provides instructions….. If your place of employment does have one know where it is and if they don’t have one ask management to obtain one. Most studies show that CPR with an AED greatly improves chances of survival when the victim has a cardiac event in the community.

Awesome singer from NOLA who also has a new CD out…..

Irma Thomas


  1. the one article scrolling down the page which is actually about saving individual lives with pragmatic actions in real life is the pony party.

    Though the phrase “cardiac event in the community” cracked me up, I must admit.  

    • RiaD on August 24, 2008 at 5:05 am


    (i hope i have the day correct…)

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