Kucinich to Address DNC Tuesday

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Heads up on Dennis…

Are you in Denver this week?

Meet Dennis and Elizabeth on Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, kicked off what promises to be a great week for Kucinich supporters as we arrived in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. We will be reporting daily from Denver so keep an eye on our website for updates!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Dennis will address the Democratic National Convention on the pressing issue of the Economy. Be sure to tune in at around 6:00pm ET.

This week too, both the New York Times Magazine (Sunday August 23) and the Washington Post Magazine (Sunday August 31) have special feature articles on your Voice in Congress, Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis will also be on a number of other shows this week including the Bill Maher Show, CNN, The Randi Rhodes Show, Hannity and Colmes. We will give you Dennis’ media appearance notifications on Twitter. (sign up to Twitter for the Kucinich feed here)

If you are in Denver this week, Dennis and I would like to meet you. We will be upstairs at the SkyLark Lounge on Tuesday night from 9pm – 10pm. It’s just going to be a fun and informal gathering.


SkyLark Lounge

140 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80203



Letter signed by Elizabeth.   (bold emphasis mine)

And check the graphic for the Skylark Lounge at the link!


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  1. …for Dennis’ ideas on the economy!!!  &/or the Skylark Lounge graphic.

  2. I’ll be looking forward to hearing him, as I’m sure you and many of us are.

    I’m glad to see he has so much media coverage going on this week — this is good, particularly, in keeping impeachment out front in the minds of people.  As rjones2818 remarks, it would have been nice for him to have a prime-time spot, but I’m Pelosi would not allow that kind of thing, and she is “pure” and “innocent” in the purest, most beautiful white suit you could ever see.

    The Skylark Lounge?  Well, it’s probably just a retro-type theme!  LOL!

  3. …folks might want to see this!

  4. Now we know why he was kept of prime time.  Imagine the horror of the American people to have to listen to a stemwinder.  And while the prime-time speakers loll the people into a stupor, Dennis says “Wake Up America!”

    BTW: Did you hear Rangell describe the H. Judiciary Committee as a Constitutional watchdog, that was designed to hold folks accountable?  Yes?  Then he introduced Rep. Conyers, who’s leadership of the committee is keeping that from being done?  Ironic, eh?

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