Cannibal Democrats

Allison Kilkenny wrote one of her typically brilliant columns over at Huffington Post regarding the increasingly Republican-like cultishness being displayed by far too many Democrats.

Instead of shunning those who criticize Obama’s handling of FISA and offshore drilling, or those individuals who are considering voting for Ralph Nader come November, Democrats should address the causes of these symptoms of anger and mistrust within their own party, all of which stem from an ideologically sick candidate, who has begun to play fast and loose with his principles.

These disillusioned Democrats aren’t traitors, and don’t deserve the burden of the unfair and immature dismissal: “Well, ENJOY President McCain, asshole!” Such digressions are why Democrats are forever on the defensive and the Republicans, year-after-year, are permitted to set the agenda. Democrats have an identity crisis and continue to publicly shun their brand as the progressive, peace-loving party. Worse than trying to mimic Republicans, now the party has turned cannibalistic and Democrats are attacking Democrats. Obamaniacs hate the Nader Raiders, and the Nader Raiders resent the fact that they feel ostracized for being too liberal and too progressive…whatever those labels mean nowadays.

A party is only as good as its ideas, and if the Democrats turn into the two-dimensional cartoon characters on FOX news, the screaming idiots that shout sound bites at each other from across the table, then they might as well sculpt their hair into humorless coifs, throw crucifixes around their necks, and call themselves Neo-Conservatives.

Just some food for thought.


  1. point of view that W has.  You’re either for Obama or you’re for McCain.  It’s schoolyard bullying amongst adults, with the bullies being adults who’ve never advanced past that stage.

    • banger on August 7, 2008 at 3:41 am

    even though I plan to vote for the Big O I definitely sympathize with those that don’t want to vote for him. I expect to be challenged for wanting to vote for the Democratic candidate and I will defend myself as I expect others to defend themselves for not voting for the guy. At least we are aware of and struggling with our responsibility as citizens.

    The problem is not Nader voters but people either stupid enough or nasty enough to vote for McCain after his magnificent sell-out to the neo-fascist party.

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