Nancy Pelosi Needs Our Help – Call a Press Conference!

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Appearing on “The View” TV show July 28th, Speaker Pelosi admitted that she did not know of a single crime that had been committed by the Bush Administration.  Joy Behar, one of the 5 co-hosts on the show, asked Pelosi why she had taken Impeachment off the table and continues to keep it off.  Pelosi responded by reiterating how important it is to stay focused on the many domestic issues requiring our attention and not to get distracted by such issues as Impeachment.  She went on to say that…

If somebody had a crime that the President had committed, that would be a different story.

You can watch a You Tube clip of both Pelosi on The View” and snips from the HOR JUd comm hearings “Shame on Pelosi”.  Be sure to watch to the end for a great surprise.

How sad!  Pelosi obviously needs our help; we must refresh her memory and the memory of “we the people”, who might have been confused by Pelosi’s lapse of consciousness.    

Compassion for her condition restrains me from being sarcastic when I ask, “Where has Madam Speaker been for the past 7 years?  Was Rip Van Pelosi asleep and therefore unable to read Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment?”

The time is right; Ron Suskind has just come out with new allegations of Bush crimes and Impeachable offenses.  These can all come together by holding a Press conference to repair this dangerous-RIP-loss of awareness.

Suggestions for repair below the fold–


To assist Nancy Pelosi in gaining back awareness of what she missed and out of our great concern for her well being and the well being of the country, we must call for Press Conferences to repair our damaged memories.  The best locations would be the capital steps outside her office, and outside her SF office and/or home.  The SF press conference could be a supportive action for the main DC event, and there can be other supportive actions all around the country.

Some of the “big names” with facts on what has been lost to memory, should be invited to speak: First and foremost, perhaps, Ron Suskind because his information is new. Others to be invited speakers could be Robert Wexler, Dennis Kucinich, Bob Barr, Vincent Bugliosi, Bruce Fein, Jon Turley, Franics Boyle, John Nichols, etc.  The list is practically as long as the list of crimes committed.

Demonstrators would participate to make street theatre of the crimes. For example, 35 demonstrators could be dressed to represent each of Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment.  All the other crimes as mentioned in DSM, CCR, and the many other expose books could also be displayed by individual demonstrators.  In this case I’m not sure that we can find enough demonstrators to represent all the cimes committed, but we can try.

If we work fast, perhaps this could be coordinated with 1) the next IM day on Aug. 15, 2) the Sept. 11th General Strike Day, 3) the Sept. 19th one year birthday of the Iraq Moratorium.

These are just suggestions.  Modify this any way you think appropriate.  I just see a good opportunity with these events (Suskind’s book, Pelosi’s statement on “The View”, and the recent HOR “Abuse of executive Power” – euphemism – hearings) to stage some attention getting events.  I know, I can hear it already…’Nah, this can’t work, the press will still just ignore it!”  Maybe so, but imho I believe it’s too good an opportunity not to try.

So do your civic duty.  Out of compassion, wake Rip Van Nancy Pelosi up to the truth of what has been going on in this country!

Addenda: I almost forgot to include this from Vincent Bugliosi:

with all the highly incriminating evidence that I set forth in my book, much of it documentary, you shouldn’t have any difficulty making a criminal referral to the Department of Justice to commence a criminal investigation of the Bush Administration to determine whether 1st degree murder charges should be brought against certain members of this Administration.  And I hereby strongly urge you to do so.  Whether Republican or Democrat, all Americans should be outraged over what the Bush Administration has done.  How dare they do what they did?  How dare they?

from the same You Tube linked above.  

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  1. …Glenn Greenwald to list of guest speakers for the Press Conference.

  2. Obstruction of Congress’ investigation of Bush’s politicization of the Department of Justice?

    Bush admitting to war crimes in approving torture?

    And that’s just in one six minute segment.

  3. Apparently Speaker Namby Pamby Nancy Pelosi is choosing to be willfully ignorant.  Apparently she believes that being proud of being ignorant should be a bipartisan exercise, and she’s glad to do her part to help the Dems catch up to the GOP’ers in displaying monumental “stupid”.

    • OPOL on August 7, 2008 at 16:22

    And her mother dresses her funny.

    • feline on August 7, 2008 at 17:06

    I think we should try to unseat her, if possible.

    Tomorrow is the deadline for Cindy Sheehan to collect signatures, but it looks like she has enough already to be on the November ballot.

    I really think that we all should start a group action to financially support Sheehan as much as possible, write about this as much as possible to make our reasons clear to Pelosi, perhaps send opeds/page ads(?) to San Francisco papers.

    I know that the vote is up to the CA 08 consituents – but their vote affects us all.  And, I realize some are already supporting Sheehan, but if we could time this in a collective way, it could have some impact, making a statement.

    Does anyone know of groups already doing this, so that we can try to coordinate and strengthen our efforts?

    Here’s the link to Sheehan’s campaign site:  Cindy Sheehan

  4. committed any crimes is simple Nancy and the rest of the complicit congress make these crimes legal after the fact and then call them side issues, or necessary for security. She and the rest aided and abetted these criminals still are for that matter what’s she gonna say?  


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