Why the Callout Diary on the Dkos Reclist Won’t Suceed

I was going to post this at dkos, but I simply don’t have the energy to respond to comments to it there.

So I’ll try it out here 🙂 Maybe you guys can tell me what you think. Or not 🙂


There’s a call-out diary on the rec list.

I sincerely believe its author hopes it will solve the current dkos controversy about criticizing the candidate over FISA and other issues.

The diarist concludes:

I hope it gets those who are so upset about FISA to take action where action will matter

It won’t.

And that’s too bad.

To the diarist:

I know you feel good after your diary and are happy with all the recs it received. That’s a great thing. Positive affirmations from like-minded peers is wonderful.

But I doubt you’ve swayed anyone over to your point of view, and that’s a shame since I assume that’s your goal.

The reason is, by getting one’s self in rant mode, the result can often come off smug, condescending, scolding and insulting to the target of the rant. While it’s clear this makes you feel better – rants can be good at that – it’s counterproductive to your stated goal.

The blocked quotes are yous, diarist.

Markos, you Blockhead…. let me boil it down for you

Insulting and condescending.

Yet today Markos was a blockhead when he wrote


What I find quite ironic is that while Obama’s word are collegial, engaging and are spoken as if his listener is an equal, yours are anything but.

:: ::

Now, obviously, by offering this dialogue, one can certainly assume Barack is listening.  

Listening to the things that you said people were blockheads for even saying? Why would Obama listen to that under your scenario?  Answer: because he’s taken a wiser view and doesn’t mind disagreement.

Markos and others are Blockheads because they’ve already hung the FISA situation around Obama’s neck

Notice how Obama is engaging and reasonable, while you cast general smears and insults?

Obama recognizes your contributions thus far… and applauds them.

This seems like an attempt at conciliation, and it wouldn’t be bad, but your target audience already knows this, they heard Obama say it, so it comes off as talking down when you repeat it.

And keep in mind if they followed your toe-the-line advice Obama would not have heard them because they wouldn’t have spoken up.

UPDATE:  Wow, thanks for rec’n my lil protest rant… I hope it gets those who are so upset about FISA to take action where action will matter,

Your shining moment – and I don’t mean that sarcastically – it’s your rec list hit.

But sadly, I maintain your diary has not won a single person over, but has gotten you recs form people that already agreed with you and whom you don’t need to convince.

Here are 3 examples of people who make points similar to what I believe yours are and who share your stated goals of convincing people.

They do so without belittling and gloating:




I rec’d all 3 of these diaries and praised the diarists in comments, despite the fact that i don’t agree with all of their conclusions. But these diaries have honestly done the most to help me understand the other side of the coin.

I’ve taken a sharp tone in this reply diary but I think it’s milder than your own.

This thing is never going to end if people on all sides just keep talking past each other and say the same things.


Thanks Docusharmists for letting me vent here. Maybe all i’ve done is type my own counter-rant, and since I feel better, that could really be true! (sheepish grin)

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  1. If you think this diary sounds like the style of another DKOS diarist, say who in the comments.

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