“What time is it?”

Don’t know, don’t care, it’s a cool sunny day which means it’s time to collect wood for the campfire.  I am the fireman, Steve is our cook and last night I led our group on the most up close and personal moose hunt ever.  Two bull moose less  Moose,majestic moutains, stars at night, the breathing of air which does not smell like a cesspool.

What day is it?

Well, I kind of lost track of that too, but it felt so, so good.

A collection of family members in the woods totally enjoying themselves for two weeks.  A spiritual counter to those assholes on the west coast  in Sonoma doing their cremation of care ceremony.…

Doing things together as a small community to survive and have fun brings about another viewpoint

There were 59 phone messages of people trying to sell me shit.  Have not even bothered deleting the emails yet.  Back to the drudgery of this connected electronic surveillance grid piece of shit world.  We/Israel apparently did not bomb Iran and a cursory quick check of the lists indicates that maybe the highest bastions of the Illuminati has told certain people to knock off the shit.  Let us all hope so.  Growing a brain would be a good thing here.

It would occupy an entire book describing exactly what I think is a good time and why but at age 54 it is in fact keeping me young at heart.  

More on the political status of the world will be forthcoming later as I become more re-indoctrintated into the electronic piece of shit surveillance world we currently live in.

Ain’t “freedom” in the woods a neat thing.


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  1. … your vacation sounds like it was wonderful.

    Yeah, world is still turning … sort of.

  2. over at 911 truth.  I like the first musical piece and from my first glances at my missing two weeks of “news”, strange things have been happening.

    And where did Cynthia McKinney come from.

    Rejection of the mainstream, I love it!

  3. The hard part is when I come back.  Will I not wear a watch?  Will I not set an alarm clock?  Will I not look at the television?  Will I not check the email?  Will I not look at my favorite blogs?  Will I not comment?  Will I not post?  And for how long.  24 hours?  36 hours?  a weekend?  until Monday?

    How long can I live like Thoreau?  How long can I not check back in?

    Here’s hoping you can stay off the grid for longer than me.  Here’s hoping you can continue what you started in the woods.  

  4. Webster says the Obama-Brezinski connection will be far worse the the Bush neo-cons.

    Somebody tazered a blind guy and another kid died of heart failure after a 37 second tazer application.

    The Iran war might, I say might be off but a build up of forces in Afghanistan is in order.  The scam will be to recover the long dead Osama with the secondary mission of destabilizing Pakistan.  Hey, I don’t know yet but freaks with money and profit to be made over it are in power.

    My daughter had nine brand new shiny laptops in my kitchen.  She works in retail and was asked to transfer them to another store.  All of them said “Satan Inside”.

    They came with their IP and Mac addresses convienently bar coded for easy scanning on the outside of the box.  Yup, Seig fucking Heil for Homeboy Security.  

    Each one, an American brand name proudly stamped with.

    Product of China.

  5. Part of my engineering career centers around the art of attaining a high vacuum in special stainless steel compartments.

    If you can smell something that simply means that you are inhaling a chemical that signals your brain.  Many chemicals have no smell yet are very toxic but others have a smell yet will not kill you, instantly that is.

    Several days ago I was sitting in swirling magic water of a pristeen mountain stream.  Today I had to spit out a swig of tap water, my pool has less chlorine in it.

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