Pony Party: WBD

Weapons of Blog Destruction!

h/t   Net Disaster

Docudharma attacked by Ants!

Watch this for a little while and notice what the ants are carrying around.    I have no idea how this works!

How about a good old fashioned Daily Kos Pie Fight!

Here’s something I’ve always wanted to do… Tomatoes!

The bloggers are getting restless. Taking it to the streets – Protest!

OMG!  This is even cooler than the ants.  Check out the signs!!!

Here’s a fun one too:   God Almighty strikes RedState.  Use your mouse to point the finger and click to launch fire balls.  

Want to launch a WBD at your favorite (or least favorite) sites?  Go to the Net Disaster home page linked above.  Or, from any of the pages that I linked above, you’ll notice a tool bar at the top of the web page.  You can enter any URL  you want and select a disaster.  Choose from Floods, Chainsaws, Dinosaurs, Spilled Coffee and lots more.  There are sounds that go with it too.  Have fun!  

You can destroy Docudharma, just don’t wRECk the Pony Party!


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    • brobin on July 10, 2008 at 00:28

    I LOVED the ants and the protest and all the others were great too!  Tomatoes, oh yeah!



  1. This is Open Thread.  

    disclaimer:  No blogs were actually harmed in the creation of this post.  

  2. Check out Fox News

    Good Pony, OTB!

    • Edger on July 10, 2008 at 00:54

    There used to be a screensaver around a few years ago that looked like your desktop, except that all the icons would slowly start crumbling into dust that would pile up and up at the bottom of your screen till you were looking at an empty desktop with a pile of gravel at the bottom.

    It was great fun to install on computers in the office when everyone was out for lunch. 😉

    • RiaD on July 10, 2008 at 02:20


  3. Halelujah!

  4. Thanks OTB!!  Great job  😉

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