No Oil at Any Price

Have I gone soft.

Did I underestimate some of the finer points of how only a few of the most elite wealthy and most powerful of the worlds elite scumbags would have an easier time of it simply because there would be less people to deal with.

Are people, could people be that evil.

Here is an analysis of what war in Iran might look like.  Some of it’s points will step upon issues many will recoil at but still radicalizing the entire middle east just could be the final legacy of Bush, the third anti-christ.…

Russia’s interests in Iran.  Aging US military equipment and what an attack on Iran would do to unify Muslims against their own tin pot princes of Saudi Arabia.  We did find out about the lack of armored vehicles and the billing of soldiers for “lost” equipment.

Days away now from vaction.  No internet, no phones and air that does not smell like a cesspool and mountain stream water with zero chlorine.  My grandson is going to love sitting by the stream and throwing rocks into the rushing water.


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  2. Hopefully, the world won’t go totally to hell while you’re offline. Your vacation spot sounds lovely. Enjoy the time with your grandson. Is he old enough to fly fish?

    • Edger on July 3, 2008 at 04:57
    • RiaD on July 3, 2008 at 05:06

    enjoy your boy

  3. Global research is a great source for information not treated to the sanitization almost all of our news reports are subjected to.

    You mention Russia’s intrests in Iran. It seems to me that I heard recently that Russia and Iran inked a mutual defense pact of some sort. WTF do cheney/bush think? CAN they think? or are they just neo-lithic proto humans waving their big stick?

    Just venting there, we all know the answers, but the Russia-Iran pact is particularily worrysome to me.

    BTW, way OT, but is anyone else having problems with Google’s spelling check?, any alternatives?

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