Fox News: Racism Is Their Marketing Plan

O'Reilly Lynching Party

A press conference will be held today at 2:30 outside of the offices of Fox News in New York. The purpose of the gathering is to deliver a petition with over 600,000 names to network executives calling for an end to the racist attacks against black Americans including Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. The petition is the work of Color of Change and MoveOn and asks Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to respond to the allegation that…

“Fox has developed a pattern of airing racially offensive attacks, then apologizing only after controversy erupts. Forced, half-hearted apologies do not demonstrate good faith when the larger pattern of offensive rhetoric continues.”

Examples of Fox’s intolerance abound, but for a brief recap of a few that occurred just this year:

  • Obama’s Baby Mama
  • Terrorist Fist Jab
  • Knock Off Osama …uh… Obama … Well, Both If We could
  • Lynching Party Against Michelle Obama

The coalition delivering the petition will include rapper, Nas, who has had his own problems with Fox News. Last August, Nas was scheduled to appear at a memorial concert for the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. Bill O’Reilly condemned the booking as an atrocity. Nas responded by saying that…

“Everybody has a marketing plan; his marketing plan is racism […] I wouldn’t honor anything Bill O’Reilly has to say. It just shows you what bloodsuckers do: They abuse something like the Virginia Tech [tragedy] for show ratings.”

Well said. But he’s not done. His new album “Untitled” features a track dedicated to Fox News called “Sly Fox,” that begins, “The Sly Fox, Cyclops, We locked in the idiot box,” and continues, “Watch what you watchin’, Fox keeps feeding us toxins, Stop sleeping, Start thinking, Outside of the box.” Here’s the whole thing on video:

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  1. …on his radio show today, so it’s a fair bet that it will be on the Factor tonight.

    Get your John McCain NOPE T-Shirts & Stickers today!

    • RiaD on July 23, 2008 at 21:28

    you really brightened my day


    • RUKind on July 23, 2008 at 22:56

    And make a point of letting the sponsor and Fox both know that you will boycott the products or services of those who pay for this trash to be broadcast.

    Anything less than that is bullshit. I will sign up to DVR O’Reilly and compile a daily list of his sponsors for posting here. I’ll include contact info for the sponsors, also. Anyone else up for Hannity and Colmes? Anyone for the show with Loose Deucy and the Ace Squad? Greta Van Retch? Might as well do MSNBC and CNN while we’re at it.

    This effort would be akin to Media Matters except it would target those who fund the lies rather than the lies and liars themselves. I’m surprised someone hasn’t done this already. Does anyone know of this being done already and can furnish a link?

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