“Changing Us”

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Counseling and medication weren’t enough to help Laef Fox recover from his grim war experience in Iraq, and drugs and alcohol didn’t work either, so he tried making a movie instead.

There’s a new Documentary out, that was shown in a premeir private showing on July 4th in Denver.

As the quote above states it was made, with help, by Laef Fox an Iraq Conflict Veteran, with footage Fox shot while in Iraq.

Fox was in Iraq for six months starting in April 2003, just after the invasion began.

“I had a lot of unexpected explosions go off near me and random gunshots,” he said. When he came home the Veterans Administration diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder and he was given a partial disability.

Like many who return from our invasions and occupations Fox was haunted by his experiances and tried to rid his mind of the recurring thoughts in the wrong way.

“Alcoholism and anger almost overcame me completely,” he said, but a supportive family and girlfriend pushed him to get treatment.

“The treatment helped me climb from the hole I was in,” he said.

For some that’s a deep dark hole that few understand and it can’t be explained to others, except those who have experianced the real reality of War themselves, the soldiers who fight it, and the civilians in the countries invaded and occupied, and not only those we are a part of but all.

The name of this documentary is the subject title “Changing Us”, where if you use the link you can view the trailer of as well as more information.

The Trailor

The quotes I’ve taken above come from an Army Times article about Laef and this documentary, Iraq vet’s movie helps him cope.

His movie isn’t sensational, although it includes some nighttime scenes of his convoy being attacked. It is mainly vignettes of what life was like for one group of soldiers.

In one scene, when his Humvee comes under fire by rocket-propelled grenades, Fox is heard saying, “Well, we took fire, we got to find and kill these (expletive deleted). Let’s go roll the (expletive) out.”

It is part tribute to the soldiers he served with. Time after time he describes them as among the finest soldiers in the world.

In the final analysis of the Military, and especially in War, you serve with and for those around you, right or wrong the conflict may be nor your personal thoughts of.

Fox doesn’t blame the Iraqis for his experience.

“I don’t blame anyone who tried to kill me when I was there. That’s the way I would feel if America was attacked,” he said.

The Synopsis of the movie from Drifter Entertainment

“Changing Us” is a compelling and intimate window into war.

“Changing Us” is a documentary comprised of never before seen video footage shot by a young soldier on the front lines during the Iraq invasion. Its raw and riveting voice resounds the events through the eyes of those who were changed by enduring the intensity of the war.

“Changing Us” is a dramatic journey, a mosaic of stories without political agenda or pretense, that grips the audience and offers a sobering look at what truly transpired for an Army unit assisting with the Iraq invasion. Unlike the nightly news, this real life drama is a first-hand taste of front-line combat mixed together with young innocence, as shown through faces who have finally been given a voice that resonates the devastation of war. This documentary is a powerful film that individually, “changes us”.

And from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette Lancaster native’s documentary shows 2003 Iraq takeover

A personal look at the Iraq war through the eyes of a Lancaster native hit big screen in Denver this past week.

Sgt. Laef Fox, a 1997 William V. Fisher Catholic High School graduate, crafted the documentary film “Changing Us” from footage he gathered while fighting in Iraq.

“The viewers will see a documentary about the Iraq war, though it concentrates mainly … on Iraqis and civilians that were there,” Fox said. “It’s (77 minutes) of one unit’s journey during the takeover of Iraq.”

The private showing premeir, mentioned above.

“This is a private showing for friends, family and press,” Fox said. “All veterans that were in the film are flying in. It’s going to be a pretty big event.”

The bio’s of Laef and the Soldiers with him in Iraq and the Documentary

He has another film in the works!


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    • jimstaro on July 6, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    We didn’t have the number of Documentaries about War and the Experiance as well as how we got here back in our day. To archive the lessons the Country said it would never Forget!

    ‘Winter Soldier’, ‘Sir! No Sir!’ were kept out of the Countries Concious on Purpose!

    Hollywood, except for a few like ‘Coming Home’, painted a Much Differant Picture of War, as the Movies that preceded.

    The Record Is Made, with more to come I’m sure, Learn The Lessons, The Real Lessons!!

    • kj on July 6, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    heh. it’s happening!   🙂

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