ACTION: Front Group for Insurance Industry Likes Our Healthcare Just as It IS!

From the HCAN website!

A group called American’s Health Insurance Plans, an insurance industry front group, is launching a campaign to convince America that they are indeed satisfied with their private insurance coverage.

Oh, yes!  We are SO VERY SATISFIED with our inablitity to afford health insurance, to be under-insured, to be told by the middle-man insurance company that we CANNOT have THAT drug OUR Doctor prescribed, or THAT treatment that OUR Doctor suggested, because the INSURANCE CORPORATIONS don’t want to PAY for it with the money that WE PAID THEM in order to …. What?  Insure that we have healthcare coverage?  NO!

In order for them to decide if our procedure or medication might just bite into their unholy profits just a BIT too MUCH!

This is INSANE.  Yet, as we have discussed, we knew this was coming and it was coming fast.  


The idea that Americans can be satisfied with the current state of health care in America is silly. Americans aren’t satisfied with rising prices, yet lower coverage. We aren’t satisfied with the insurance industry’s murder-by-spreadsheet. We need a public option for health insurance, and we need to make sure insurance industry practices that kill Americans are made illegal.

Today, in Ohio, AHIP will be launching their campaign and hosting a “discussion group among a group of uninsured people.” HCAN will be there, along with our partners, protesting the insurance company practices and making sure people and the media know exactly how the insurance industry fails America. AHIP will be bringing their spin. We’re hitting back with the facts.

Hitting back with the facts is going to take more than you might think regarding this issue. The INSURANCE CORPORATIONS are not going to go down without a tooth-and-nail fight, my friends.  

We are going to give them that fight, starting right here and across the net-roots and the grass roots of this Nation!

Standing Up To The Insurance Lobby in Ohio

Go to the above link to see the whole article.

We must begin the assault on those lobbyists and right wingers who will soon be assaulting Americans intellegence with their misinformation and outright lies here in the very near future.

They already have a good head start, as I have heard when talking to people about this subject. Invariably they state matter-of-factly that the people in Canada and the UK have to wait for months for appointments, and if you have lung cancer and were a smoker they just tell you tough shit, we aren’t wasting our money on you, and all the other Right Wing bullshit that has been floating about for the purpose of softening up the public for the big battle that is coming. These lies and deceptions are already out there and being repeated.

They will pull out all the stops for this one, with their lies and gimmicks.

We will need to pull out some gimmickry of our own, as much as I dislike the idea, to fight the Insurance Lobbyists, and we will need to be thinking long and hard on what shape that will take as we go forward.  Certainly some bumper sticker slogans will need to be created and REPEATED over, and over and over, and they had better make sense and be able to stick.

Hopefully we can use REALITY and COMMON SENSE rebuttals to our best advantage against the silly crap they are going to throw out there just to see if it will stick.  Time will tell, but a plan must be in the back of our minds if it comes to needing to change course a bit as the discussion goes forward.

One of the things that really puts Progressives at a disadvantage when it comes to debating with right wingers is the fact that we USE FACTS as our basis of debating an issue and they pull stuff out of their asses at any point in the debate to counter these facts.  

They don’t mind getting caught lying because they have mastered the “look” and the “statement.”  They will give you that smirk as you tell them that what they have just stated is patently ridiculous, but if you cannot bring FACTS to show the information they just made up on the spot isn’t real, they continue the smirk and add a few heavy sighs to signify that YOU are so underinformed.

If you do prove to the audience that they  are full of shit, they just use the “statement” to say that was what they understood and they will go back and research to find out what the difference between what they said and what you said in your rebuttal to smack them down with.  OF course they never do, and by the time the audience is gone from the place of the debate, the whole issue is forgotten.  It is a tactic I hear on hate radio all the

time.  It is really hard to win a debate with someone who would just as soon lie as tell the truth, especially when you are coming from a moral standpoint of debating the REAL issues.

But win that debate, we will!  We have the ammunition, the talent and the NEED to win this debate.

Get fired up, everyone!  We are taking these guys on and WE are gonna kick their butts!  For ALL Americans, everywhere (yes, even the ignorant right wingers who won’t appreciate it until they go to the Doctor).


    • brobin on July 22, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    You and I will make sure of it.

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