Decoding Obama on Iraq

By Anthony Arnove via Decoding Obama on Iraq

Not that there are any real surprises here, but it’s (the article) well worth reading in case you have any doubts as to what Obama’s up to.

That Obama still talks about success in Iraq is truly remarkable and reveals how narrow the spectrum of debate is between Democrats and Republican. McCain and Obama both would only end the occupation if they are able to declare a victory for the United States.

Hell, maybe he’s been listening to the hack media and believes that things are going swimmingly in Iraq!

What Obama does not mention is that he has voted for hundreds of billions of those dollars to be spent in his time in the Senate, through his support of an expanded Pentagon budget and the ongoing supplemental funding bills to continue the occupation. Obama’s Web site excuses this by this circuitous rationale “Since Obama came to Washington in January of 2005, every single Senate Democrat has voted for every single Iraq funding bill that has come to the Senate floor until President Bush vetoed a timetable for withdrawal.”

Paint me radical, but it’s really strange that someone who is opposed to the war would continually vote for funding.  I mean, sure, he didn’t vote for it last Octoberish before the primaries rolled out (I guess he was trying to fool the primary voters), but he’s voted for all of the other funding requests including the latest one.

Obama would, in fact, increase military spending on a number of weapons programs and expand the military by 92,000 new troops.

We know this, but it’s not emphasized so that the anti-war folks won’t pay attention to Obama being an imperialist.  Mind you, you have to be an imperialist if you want to be seriously considered for president.

Oh well…the beat goes on.

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    • Edger on July 22, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    as long as it’s convenient, it seems. But we can’t let it get in the way of more important things. Like power. Power is where it’s at!


  1. my moneys on the best outcome from our choice of the imperialists. This latest bs outpouring from Obama about Afghanistan, and putting our might behind defeating the ‘terrorists’ there leaves no doubt about his embedded status. I guess this comes as no shock as his talent lies in his chameleon ability to bridge gaps while appealing to our better angels. The money is tribune to Caesar, all be it the mad one we have.

    So I voted imperialist, while knowing full well this is my only choice and perhaps it’s better then banging your head against the wall of ‘hope’, the hope that this is not another manifestation of the vice grip were in. I liked the sounds he made.

    Been reading a lot of Tibetan nonsense about letting go of hope. Sometimes you gotta let go of outcomes wanted and settle for what is the best. Doesn’t mean you can’t keep working for what you know is the answer or do you know that is? Hard these days. All we can do is thread our way though the maze they throw out and not to believe in hope that involves leaving ones brain behind, not to mention your power. Play it as it lays.        

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