Yesterday was the 64th Anniversary

And what Anniversary would that be, you ask, Well:

Of President Franklin Roosevelt’s signing of the GI Bill, which enabled millions of veterans to go to college, and is credited for sparking the post-war economic boom.

And fuel the growth of this Nation it did, I grew up in that time frame, not only of many getting the opportunity to further their education in our Universities and Colleges but the birth of Trade Schools teaching a wide veriaty of Professional Industrial Trades, many now no longer done in this country or are rapidly on the wane.

And as one progressed, either in the trades or in the corporate world, from the degrees of higher education, the rewards of long term employment and raises were common,as the economy expanded and new companies were developed by those who worked in them and went out on their own, some of the growth had to be fought for, but the education gave those fighting the tools they needed.

Most of the advancements in Industry, and other parts of the economy, came from the worker.

One thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the fight, of the worker, who seems to have lost that fire, but especially for those that serve the country and should already be getting back what a society owes for that service, after all we call it the Professional Military and those who serve but decide not to make it their careerer deserve more than just a chance to expand themselves in other professions, it should already be a given of what is owed.

Fighting for Those Who Fight Our Wars

There was no GI Bill for veterans of World War I. And when 17,000 jobless veterans descended on Washington, demanding help, Army troops moved in to disperse them. Several veterans were killed, and hundreds wounded.

Americans were stunned, and when World War II came, they were determined to take better care of those who had served their country in wartime.

ABC News Video Report

This country was once the envy of the World with it’s expanding educational oppurtunities, it’s quality workforce, it’s quality products and developement of the new, it’s ever growing journies into expanded technologies and developement of same, it’s dedicated workforce making companies an expanded family……………………………..

Things haven’t always been rosy, but we were a Nation pretty much Together, seems not to be the case anymore!

And the G.I. Bill was a big part of the engine that drove our developement and expansion into being the Envy of others!

They flooded college campuses, changing America in the process, producing better educated citizens, and playing a big part in post-war prosperity.

Veterans of our conflicts after WWII used their benefits but those benefits have never kept up with the growth in costs of higher education, especially as that higher education seems to have become more of a business model of waste and profit.

There’s a New G.I. Bill a Comin!

For months, Pentagon officials argued that if benefits were too generous, troops would have little incentive to re-enlist. President Bush and Sen. John McCain agreed, and a new GI Bill became a major campaign issue.

Those opposed use the above false argument, many who are where they are because of their use of the G.I. Bill, which for those who have served recognize it for what it really is.

The Military, as a profession, has always been a comfortable fit for some, while others still looked outside it’s boundries and looked at it as a way to give service to country than move on as a civilian after.

The comfortable factor is gravely strained when the Military is used for Wars and Occupations of Choice, of a few, and not as a deterant for Strong National Security.

Instead of creating goodwill, as a country, the use of strong arm tactics, especially by Military Actions, in these conflicts of choice give rise to more hatreds and enemies thus endangering the National Security for Decades.

Those using the Military for personal gains, Wealth, Power, Political, fight the attempts to really Support those that serve.

But they have lost their battle against those they’ve used, a battle that never should have been waged by a country who’s citizens don’t serve!

Both McCain and Bush say they support the new bill, which will provide $50 billion over the next 10 years for veterans like Bailey and for those still serving in uniform.

CBS News also covered this yesterday on ‘Sunday Morning’ with a great video report that they don’t have up on their site, but the report is there.

PL 346 was the Congressional designation of a landmark bill signed into law 64 years ago today – legislation designed to smooth the transition to civilian life for millions of World War II servicemen. In the process it changed America for ALL of us. Congress is very close to approving expanded benefits for service men and women of today’s Iraq War era. Our Cover Story is reported now by Thalia Assuras

Now lets Bring Them Home from these Occupations Of Choice and Take Care Of The Wounded, Physically and Especially Mentally As Well, that fight hasn’t been won yet!


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    • Robyn on June 23, 2008 at 18:09

    as that higher education seems to have become more of a business model of waste and profit

    I got my education using the GI Bill.  Because of it I’ve taught college for 32 years.  Where do you see waste?  Teachers’ salaries?  Classrooms that haven’t been upgraded in decades because of a lack of funding?  Buildings deteriorating for the same reason?

    Who do you think is profiteering here?  Do you think that teachers are overpaid?  Does that include the adjuncts who dominate our workforce for disgraceful compensation?

    Why does this piece have to be anti-education?  I thought we were trying to work together.  

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