What Part of Me is She?

I made a comment a moment ago….

That that is the question I (should more often) always ask of myself before I go asshole, or try and CONTROL another’s behavior, rather than understand them.

Maybe this video will help.


Be eachother.


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    • srkp23 on June 30, 2008 at 19:39

    in front of my heart, I bow to you.

    [YouTube is being slow for me right now, so I can’t watch vid, though. 🙁 ]

  1. And a question that should be asked for the positive times in life also.  

    • Diane G on July 1, 2008 at 03:08

    You had a Muse up for a second, to which I responded thus.

    I hope you hear me:

    I saw, while at work, you went 60+ more comments to eachother.

    I hope it worked, but I haven’t the energy to read them.

    I wish more you would both read all the outpouring of essays and love for you both, and just both stop, if yyou haven’t yet.

    I love ya both.

    I think you both communicate perfect, you both ring truth in my ears.

    I hope neither of you change a whit, other than to love yourselves, thus eachother more.

    Peace, dear one.

  2. or neutral party is definitely needed to help mediate disputes (you’re not butting in!)    I feel so inside that I’m suffocating.  I’m glad you stepped up and said everything you did.  Thanks very very much Diane.  I learned a lot from watching you.  

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