‘Change’ Happens

This is hard. But then change is almost always hard. This is messy, but then change is almost aways messy. It is almost always uncomfortable, unpleasant, chaotic and confusing. That is why we avoid change. It is painful. Whether it is on the personal level, the national level or the world level.

And we are just getting started. Change is here. We can’t change that. The changes that are occurring on the national and word level are fundamental changes that will…and already are….affecting everyone on the planet in a deep personal way. For eight years we have been crying out for change, now we are about to get more than we bargained for! Some of it will be good, some of it will be bad, but just about all of it will be dramatic. Not neat and tidy and comfortable.

Electing a Dem that we will disagree with. Dealing with the racism…both apparent and subtle (and within ourselves) that goes with that. Cleaning up the unholy mess of Bushco, especially dealing with what they have created in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adjusting to a society where the Right Wings influence has waned and our ‘enemies’ are not so blatantly evil.

And then the big one, Climate Change. The immense changes that will come as oil runs out or becomes too expensive. Food shortages, water wars, Climate refugees…etc. etc.

Change is here. It will affect us all. It will frustrate and scare and anger all of us. How do we deal with it? NONE of us is perfect, none of us have all the answers, all of us have baggage.

And yet we have to find a way to work together. How do we do that? We see even here, where people agree on most things, that working together, that changing together, produces heat and friction. We want change, change is here. Change IS happening…and it is hard.

Now what?



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    ’cause I don’t know!

  2. To get people moving.

    We can talk for ever, but high gas prices are going to do in months what activists have been talking about for years.

    Car companies that build wasteful monsters are going down the tubes… the hummer plant is shut down… (My personal favorite; they’ll make great chicken houses!) People are actually starting to car pool… (One of the single most efficient ways to save gas; I see single-occupant cars filling the L.A. freeway at rush hour, but I doubt that that will continue much longer) and the list goes on.

    I was born in Italy in 1942; there were very few cars, the bycicle was the most used mode of transport, and you didn’t throw away things like bottles.

    Welcome to the third world, America! It’s going to be an interesting journey, and I have no doubt that we’ll come out of this better than before.

    And in a sick way, we have to thank George Bush for bringing this situation to the point where we HAVE TO ACT. Yes, we have to get active in so many ways… complacency is OUT!

    • brobin on June 30, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Lot’s of idea’s floating around already that could bring about the real change we need, but which one’s and why is this option better than the next option?

    More importantly, how?  Change IS HARD!  Even if we have the best idea’s and the plans to implement them, how do we sell these idea’s to the masses, who DON’T LIKE CHANGE?

    Catchy slogans aside, of course.  Those only work when you want to continue doing the same ol’ thing over and over.

    I wish I knew, but I guess I am more of the idea type than the salesman…..

  3. reminds me of the quote by Finley Peter Dunne

    Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.

    And I think you’re right – what he is suggesting is probably about to happen. Whether we want it or not. Those of us that have been comfortable, even in our outrage, are about to be challenged with a whole heap of uncomfortable.

    Perhaps just recognizing that and owning it for what it is can be part of the answer. That’s all I got right now.

  4. So, if we keep the premise of in the midst of change in the back of our minds, I think the approach to most anything would be had a little differently.

    I don’t have any ideas other than that at the moment.

    Thanks, Buhdy.  I think, perhaps, you’re right, it’s been kind of a wake-up call.

    • srkp23 on June 30, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    Change is changing.

    Maybe things are extra difficult in the fourth turning of the wheel of dharma.

    I was glad to see that there was a Muse in the Morning this a.m. and then sad to see that it was a GBCW. I was also sad to see pf’s GBCW. I hope these GBCWs are subject to change. 🙂

    • robodd on June 30, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    State a new meme:  CHANGE IS FUN!

  5. but damn, this blogging thing always seems to devolve around the small shit, the personal shit and we lose sight of the big things, like war budgets passed in the night….

    • srkp23 on June 30, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Hey y’all … did you see that mishima has presented the 200th  Edition of Docudharma Times?! Wowza. Props and gratitudes are certainly in order!

  6. We will no longer hear your command

    We will seize the control from your hand

    We will fan the flame

    Of our anger and pain

    And you’ll feel the shame

    For what you do in god’s name.

    We will fight for the right to be free

    We will build our own society

    And we will sing, we will sing

    We will sing our own song.

  7. (the one with the walrus mustache & the ever-present chip on his shoulder)  He was telling the anchor person that “Israel will attack Iran”.  (There go those oil prices-hang on to your hat & your wallet!)

    – Bondad asks, then provides a positive answer to his question:   Is a Bear Market Forming?

    Well, the “bear market”, housing crisis & highest unemployment in the nation have been in my state for a while now.  My son had planned to get out of the navy, and get a job here (back home)-unfortunately, that plan hasn’t worked out for him.  

    – McCain is rolling around on the field, faking injury & crying “foul” because General Clark made a comment yesterday about the fact that McCain’s military record (or his senate record) don’t provide the “experience” in and of itself to qualify him to be President.  The media is picking McCain up, dusting him off & wagging their finger at Obama/Clark for daring to question anything about St. John.  

    – Mishima’s Docudharma Times reports issues that would take a singleminded, focused army of Progressives to deal with.

    Meanwhile, we’re….well y’all know what’s going on here. “Now what”?  IMHO is a valid question. Where do we go from here?  I took a break from the Orange because of all the nastiness in the primary wars. I guess I’ll take a break from here if the “word” wars and “word” diaries keep going on & on here.   I’m hoping it will all play out soon & that every possible angle of the topic will finally have been exhausted…

    Personally, I’d like to get back to trying to do what I came to the “liberal/ progressive” blogs to do. I’d like to work with other progressives on blogs to focus on changing the Washington DC of the last 7+ years, and all of the horrors that they have inflicted upon us and upon the world.  

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