Paranormal Drive to the Rodeo

When I was eighteen I was bent over the disc brakes of a Olds Dynamic 88 cursing profusely at my inability to get it back together.  My neighbor/auto mechanic said how to do it.  I felt foolish as I should have thought it through so  I turned around to thank him.  He was not there.  I know I heard his voice, I felt him grinning at my youthful ignorance, he was two feet behind me.  He died two weeks ago from a sudden heart attack.  It was not the first paranormal experience in life but it is still one I remember clearly.  I regret not putting more effort into developing my inner voice but it has served me well over the years.  Maybe I should have eaten the right stuff, practiced, meditated more,ordered that remote viewing course or maybe one of these thingies.

I am driving to a rodeo on a crowded Massachusetts highway.  People are being their usual airheaded selves and changing three lanes routinely.  I attribute my survival only to the scanning techniques I learned in instrument pilot school.  My favorite grandson is in the truck ahead of us, a large 250 class diesel so he is safe.  The next two minutes are a dream, a dream had while fully awake.  You may attribute it to the misfiring of neurons in a 54 year old’s mind or some of you may suggest I need my medication knowing my endorsement of the bizzare and unusual.

I had to hold back the tears.  Not tears of Armageddon mind you but tears of joy.  A country song started to play in my head and my impression was I was supposed to write the words to it.  It was happy, a folk ballard with G,C,F simple repeatable chords, fast lyrics.  It was something millions of people would hear.  It was truth, it was life, it was something down home and it connected with young and old alike.  I need not mount my Apocalyptic horse because “it will be alright”.  The fire and brimstone prophecies of Revelations, Nostradamus and the Mayans for 2012 were false interpretations and 2012 really meant only a bright new beginning.  There was something else about the internet and how one of my wise guy interpretations of the world had altered some timeline, averted a major catastophy only because I had demonstrated that I knew, was aware and would not succumb to the lemming philosophy of their plans.  It is after all universal law and evil has no power over you except for your consent.

Honestly it was like getting struck by lightening.  Going through every emotion in life in two minutes, impressions, music, receiving 300 channels all at once, a green answer to the energy crisis, and all of a sudden it was gone.

I was left to dealing with airheads crossing three lanes to get four inches ahead of the other person.

We did have fun at the rodeo even if it was somewhat of a disappointment.  Billed as the Wild West Fest this is Massachusetts and it was a low attendance event.  Far too many yuppies sipping lattes and gloating about their impending victory of “change” or perhaps it’s just that families with kids can’t afford the gas to get there.  Dad maybe has to work and can’t enjoy a day off and a connection to our past.  I looked at it from the top of my horse.  Yes they have spent hours training their horses to do something in an enclosed pen but I am the novice idiot 54 year old alone in the woods atop a horse who I know wants to jump over this tree simply because he feels good and I won’t let him.

I didn’t believe it but now I do.  My grandson is flirting with the girls.  Takes after his father in that respect.  He will be two in August and we are only days away from the magic of the woods once again.


  1. should I study the “Dark Side” and learn how to croak certain people with “the force”.  Yoda says it’s harder to know who is the enemy.

    • banger on July 2, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    I’m not sure why. I’ve had several of these sorts of things. I had a visitor from somewhere sit on my bed he was all-white, I could feel his weight on the bed BTW. Then there are the moments of bliss–in my case I’ve had them while meditating. But I also had those feelings as a child I believe they kept me alive during some very dark times for me because those experiences around age 5 and 6 made me feel protected. Some people don’t have much connection to the “paranormal” some people do. My wife routinely has had these experiences all her life far more than I have but she is a story in herself that is too long to tell.

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