Checking In

I just wanted to say thanks for all the sweet things you guys said when I posted my last diary and tell you I’m doing ok. I’m still in the hospital and I got my head shaved yesterday (it looks good, or so I’m told), but I’m in good spirits and feel stronger than I did before. I do have a litany of symptoms from the ulcerative colitis, but nothing too serious from the chemo, though the two are exacerbating each other and it’s very frustrating. I’m currently in my second of what (in theory) will be six rounds of chemo. But the bottom line is it seems to be working (so far) and I’m much more confident than I was.

The first few days after being diagnosed were the hardest. Once I started the treatment at least I felt like I had some direction. It was still worrying, for sure, but the thing is, every day something amazing happened to pick me up. A friend would visit and without any effort take my mind off of everything. Or I’d get a Facebook message from someone I hadn’t heard from in years. And the blog I posted here, with the 53 beautiful, inspiring comments, it blew me away. I knew when I told you guys what was happening you’d be there for me, but I was still overwhelmed. I want to say a special thanks for all of you who shared survival stories. Each one I hear gives me a little more courage.

As far as my list, I remember someone asked if I could post occasional updates about how many things I’m checking off, and a few others of you said how you were going to make your own lists… and it gave me an idea. What if I started a diary series where we post our lists and work on them together? Perhaps a monthly thing? Just a thought. As far as how I’ve done so far, there are a bunch of things I’ve accomplished or I’m working on. One, the sandwich. It was delicious. I’ve also had rolled tacos, chips and guacamole and I’m on my second box of Golden Grahams. So plenty of non-hospital food in my diet. Two, I’m recording an album in here… by some fluke of fate, I landed at the only local hospital with a “music therapy” program. Usually, the way it works is the music therapists (acoustic singer/songwriters) go around playing for patients, but since I also play, we jam instead. It’s something to look forward to every day (really, it’s changed some terrible mornings into fine afternoons) and Tim, the guy I play with, has been recording the sessions on his Mac. The plan is to release our best stuff as an album and use the proceeds to help finance the program. Three, I touched on this before, but I’ve been reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in years, including people I haven’t seen since high school. One friend who I haven’t seen in 2 years came all the way out here from Florida. All these people I’ve wanted to see for so long but never got around to it,… well, this BS happens, and suddenly we are getting around to it. Funny how things work out sometimes. Fourth thing is I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a Sierra trip this summer. Depends on when I’m done with all this chemotherapy nonsense.

I might be going home next week. Maybe. After 5 weeks of being here I know not to get my hopes up. I’ve decided I’d rather be surprised than disappointed. I have a nice space here now anyway. I have my laptop, my guitar, DVDs, a private room with a couch and a nice view. I have a great bunch of people taking care of me and inspiring me all the time. The nurses alone give me more than enough energy to endure the tough days and make the easier ones almost even fun, I don’t know what I’d do without them. I mean, there are obviously things I could be complaining about, but there’s no point. It’s healthier and much more convenient to be patient right now.

One other random thought — if you’ve ever donated blood before, you’re beautiful. I’ve gone through so many units of platelets and RBCs that I can’t count anymore. Every time I get a transfusion my life is being saved by strangers. I should have another list for all the things I didn’t understand the true significance of until I got here, hah…

Anyway, I’ll be around on and off until I get home. Also if you’re interested, I’m keeping a more consistent journal at my blog on Lose the Label (click under “Soapbox” and my screenname is “jakethorn”). They’re more like bite sized updates than anything terribly substantive, but if I disappear from DD for a week again and you start wondering if meteoriot croaked, you can look me up over there. 🙂


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  1. Sounds like between how well the folks at the hospital are taking care of you and your great attitude, things are bound to go well for you!

  2. … for checking in, meteoriot.

    OTB put your blog on our blogroll after your last post … I’ve visited a few times and it is a great blog with much good writing.  As a matter of fact, I stole your YouTube of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” to put up an essay here on his birthday!

    I’m glad to hear you have dug into your list and are checking all those good things off.

    Take good care of yourself.  You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Alma on June 5, 2008 at 04:58

    I’m so glad you checked in here.  

    How cool that you ended up in the hosp. with the music therapy.  It would be great if you could get the recording online too, so we can hear you play.

    Still sending good vibes your way.  🙂

    • RiaD on June 5, 2008 at 05:14

    things are lookin up all over, yes indeedy they are….

    more happy thoughts coming your way…


  3. updated honey!!  And it’s good to hear that all of our good

    vibes are reaching you.

    hugs, kisses and all good things going your way  😉


    Oh, and yes… keep working the list and love the idea of

    a weekly post.

  4. your positive attitude continues to inspire.  you are a gift.

  5. i would love an essay series on your list. perhaps you could even get a book out of it.

    that would be on my list. to write a book. just finish one. but i’ve only ever written one short story. although i guess i’m tied to the idea that the book would have to be fiction. and it doesn’t, does it?

    i’m glad you checked in. stay well!!!

    • OPOL on June 5, 2008 at 14:54

    best of luck to you brother.  Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • Edger on June 5, 2008 at 15:35

    With an attitude like that we’ll probably have to put up with you for like 20, 30.. maybe 50, 60 more years???

    Jeeze. I don’t know if I could stand that. I really don’t want to be 120 years old watching some young 60 year old punk dance circles around me… you know? Heh!

    Take care, man. Be well.

    Music works!


  6. I am really glad to hear you are doing so well. Your attitude is up and you are planning for things after treatment. As far as I am concerned things could not be looking better.

    Be well, be at peace and keep the jams flowing.

  7. is working.  May you keep progressing to total wellness.  

    Thank you for the update.  

    • RUKind on June 5, 2008 at 23:37

    Have you ever met Quinn? The Eskimo? You may want to look him up. ;-);-);-)



    Hari Om, you’re mama’s calling you!

  8. Glad to hear you are in good spirits.  Like everyone has said your attitude is amazing.   Know that DD is always here for you and we support you heart & soul.  If you need anything just Yell Louder!  

    Peace Bro!

  9. and please, Beware of Darkness. It’s often easy to be philosophical with someone else’s troubles but your amazing attitude will keep you going.


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