They hate Us

But the one thing throughout this period that Americans could always depend on, even after Nixon and the collapse of public faith in the president’s morals, was that the lies the American president told would always be the very best lies that science, computerized research, and Washington’s most devious spooks could produce. Our president may lie, but he will lie effectively and spectacularly, with all the epic stagecraft and lighting and special effects available to the White House publicity apparatus. He is never a hack, never a half-assed, off-the-cuff, squirming, my-dog-ate-my-homework sort of liar. Or at least he wasn’t until George W. Bush came around.

“They hate us for our freedom” was possibly the dumbest, most insulting piece of bullshit ever to escape the lips of an American president.

–Matt Taibbi, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire

They Hate Us.

Yes, They do.

“They Hate Us For Our Freedoms”

The ringing words of presidential banality.  Inspiring, after a fashion.

The community Bush limited his comments to hate us.

Not because of our freedoms…they don’t know us

We won’t let them.

They no nothing of our freedoms.

They no nothing of freedom.  Not yet.

They know what they dream, and we’re not in those dreams.

Only in their nightmares.

They hate us because they don’t trust us.  Not yet.

The people I am limiting my comments to hate Us.

They hate Us for our freedoms.

Conservatives in power and their minions selling it on cable.  They.

Liberals like me…someone with questions, actually expecting answers.  Us.

Our freedoms, guaranteed.  Us.

Freedoms, meddlesome nuisance to Standard Operational Conduct.  They.

They hate Us.

They hate Us because of our meddlesomeness.

They hate Us more than They hate any other people on the planet.

They hate that we call ourselves Americans, when it is clear to them that They are the only Americans American enough for America today.

They hate Us for knowing our rights and freedoms and for demanding them.

They hate Us not because we ask “why?”, but because after asking “why?” we expect an answer, and quickly.

They especially hate Us because after they finally give an oblique reply to the question, they just know we’ll ask another “why?”.

They hate Us because we continually show them the world is not as simple as They would like to think it is.

They hate Us for easily exposing, again and again, that their black and white view of the world is actually an infinite grayscale plain of reality that is impossible to see and judge with one quick glance.

They hate Us for making them deal with the real world.

They hate Us for no good reason.

Reasons They give for their hatred of Us are the soundbites of fox and coulter and moon.

‘you aren’t like me…i hate you.’

‘you don’t automatically agree with me…i hate you.’

‘you won’t let me ‘improve’ you…i hate you.’

‘you don’t worship me…i hate you.’

‘you aren’t me…i hate you.’

They hate Us as children hate:  That which is different is scary and must be struck down and killed.  Smack the spider with the newspaper…Whack the creepy-crawly, flush them down the toilet…Mommy…Daddy…Save Me!

They blame Us for that hatred, because They’d hate to have no one to blame.

They can’t explain it, the hatred or the blame…they won’t try…that would make their hate a fearful thing to them and may just shift the blame to something They’ve been told to love.

They hate that we make them think deeper than they would like (that may just shift the hate to something They’ve been told to love).

And because of their hate I won’t trust them.

I won’t give them the time of day.

I no longer have any energy to give to that ‘They’ and ‘Their’ argument of hate.

I used to hate them.  But no longer.

I don’t love them.  But I no longer hate them.

I pity them their blinders of hate they feel they must wear just to get by in a world they refuse to clearly see or comprehend.

That is a hateful way to live.

Hateful to no one but yourself.

It backs you in that corner.

It paints you as the sad clown.

They hate Us.


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    • WSComn on May 19, 2008 at 05:47

    My 1st Essay here.  Apparantly, clicking as the SAVE button publishes, LOL.

    Peace and Cheers.  

    • Alma on May 19, 2008 at 06:05

    They hate that we make them think deeper than they would like

    I think they turn off their brain the moment we begin to speak.

    You aren’t the first one thats found out the hard way that Save really means publish.  😉

  1. …and I don’t think “they” understand what “freedom” means.

    So what they hate, in this case, is the unknown.

    Oh, and I don’t think we know much about what “freedom” means ourselves either.

  2. and there are plenty of smaller groups of THEY and WE

    and mostly, i’ve come to believe that anger, fear, hate can be traced to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. feeling that others are controlling, to your detriment, your fate. and one other element. lots of people, both the THEYs and the WEs, buy into crap just to belong… to get an identity card, club membership.

    hello there and glad you joined in this fray… one that holds a loosely knit group of independent-minded folk who, in some form or other, adhere to an idea of common good

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