The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Updated May 31)

Right here -> (*). But that just means they’re going to get away with it.

UPDATE – May Thirty-One Oh Eight

The above link is to McClatchy 5/23/08. It looks like everything is going off on schedule. It’s amazing how nimble the Global Corpse can be when they set their collective minds and will to it.

This was predicted by the Ka-Ching. 😉 ;-(



    • RUKind on May 23, 2008 at 22:04

    The oil that’s being pumped can now make it out to the world market. This is the point where Cheney and his dope bitch, George, can start to say “Mission Accomplished!” The deal was already cut last year with one of the Hunt brothers (or was it Bass?) for the rights to the Kurdish oil fields. Kirkuk has been a done deal for some time. with the Basra port in the bag all that’s left is a lot of recalcitrant Iraqis to mop up and piles of cash to be counted. At $137 a barrel that’s going to be be a LOT of cash. Thank God for electronic transfers and offshore banks.

    Maybe now the rest of humanity can get on with our lives. Oops, wait a minute. I forgot about Iran! D’oh!!!

    Oh well!

    BTW, that little period just above the ‘B’ in “But…” is the link to the McClatchy article with the above news. Maybe people’s hands were too shaky to click on it. 😉

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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