Pony Party: Pizza & Beer

For lunch today I had pizza and beer.   mmmm, my two favorite food groups!

That caused me to come home late… and now the PP is late… and I haven’t written anything anyway…  so let’s just have more pizza and beer.  

I’m native to the Chicago area so when I moved away from home I had to learn to make my own.

My specialty is stuffed spinach.  (a la Edwardo’s*)


I also make a thinner cornmeal crust (like Uno’s*) with a variety of toppings. Tomato/basil/mozzarella and carmelized onions/pine nuts/gorgonzola are some of my favorite combos.  Below are the stuffed spinach and a veggie sausage pizza. And my cat – Kashmir.  It was his 13th birthday yesterday.

Favorite beer:  Anchor Steam

This was around long before the microbrews became popular.  Other Amber Ales like Anchor Steam are my favorites:    

Boont Amber

Fat Tire

Red Tail Ale

But I’m not real picky about it.  As long as it isn’t in a can I will probably drink it.

*It’s unfortunate that both Edwardo’s and Uno’s turned into chains.  Their pizza was much better back in the day.

Have a slice and a cold one!

Now go read the rest of the great essays on Docudharma today.  Especially OPOL’s!


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  1. I just realized I forgot to post this as Turing Test!  heehee – too much beer!

  2. Does beer go with Cheerios?


    NOT ME —> (*_*0 —> ME2 LIKES PIZZA  

  3. beer good

    pizza good

    • kj on May 1, 2008 at 05:28

    “One Woman and a Shovel”

  4. If you have been following the story of Clinton campaign using a fake black man as a robo call to redirect voters to the wrong place to vote – then you know this is a hot potato.

    Today a PAC called Women’s Voices Women Vote took responsibility and said it was a mistake.

    NOT SO FAST…..I have been doing some research (and I CANNOT VET THIS YET BUT I AM PRETTY SURE) this was not a mistake and the money is being floated through EMILY’S LIST – all of this illegal.

    Why this is potentially explosive is that it was Women’s Voices Women Vote who took MSNBC and every other network to task in Feb. for treating clinton unfairly.Now if they were simultaneously redirecting African Americans away from the polls – they admitted they did this – that’s bad enough – but if this was paid for by Emily’s List – Hillary’s Number One PAC – people need to know about this.

    Here is the deal. I can’t do the follow up research on this any more today. I would post this on the BO but I can’t. They are the ones who really broke this. So if someone wanted to ask if there was a connection between Emily’s List and the robo calling Clinton campaign – that would get the ball rolling. The people followiing tbis there already know that the woman running Women’s Voices came from Emily’s.


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