Media War! MSNBC and Fox, Plus…The Maddow Movement: Letters!

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  The feud between Fox’s O’Liely and MSNBC’s Olbermann has apparently spread to their bosses! With Bill-o, thug that he is, backed by Ailes, perhaps when it comes to the destruction of the Free Press that has helped land us where we are…The Worst Person In The World!

Bill-o, is actually using his bully pulpit to go after and smear the head of GE, NBC’s parent company! A “news anchor,” with the backing of his bosses, going after the corporate head of his rival! Trying to smear him…

Last week, in an unrelated segment with CBS’s Kimberly Dozier about being injured in Iraq, O’Reilly used a graphic that combined GE’s logo with a photo of Ahmadinejad. The heading: “Business Partners.”

…in an attempt to control the content of MSBC’s news! Even if the content they are trying to control is Just Olbermann’s attacks on O’Reilly. And it may indeed, be more than that..

O’Reilly initially retaliated in 2006 with a petition on his Web site that urged MSNBC to fire Olbermann. But he does not mention Olbermann’s name on the air. Instead, he routinely assails NBC — sometimes naming Zucker and Capus — as an organization that “spews out far-left propaganda,” is “the most aggressive anti-Bush network” and is “in the tank” for Barack Obama.”

Though knowing Bill O’reilly, it is probably just about…him. But the precedent being set here is simply stunning! This is a true media war, with O’Reilly and Fox apparently trying to “take down” or at least heavily influence, not just a rival newsman or organization, but the head man of a giant corporation…. because of the news content of their subsidiaries subsidiary. Iow, Fox is tryig to bully MSBC into submission!

Interesting times!


http://[email protected]


You suck! You are maggots feeding of off the carcass of American Democracy as you lead us into a long dark night of a pap-filled, fascist controlled, propagandized, Big Brother, media nightmare where we are spoon fed the message from the police state and all dissent is censored or crushed by YOU, the willing puppets of the Forces of Darkness . Please give Rachel Maddow her own show. Thank you.




Rachel is the dreamiest! Every time she is on the screen my heart beats faster and I get all …tingly! If you give her her own show I SWEAR I will be glued to the TV for the full hour and promise to buy every product that is advertised….and to never ever stalk her!



What do you think? Too extreme one way or the other for the Maddow Movement, lol?

Framing an issue is huge in these days of media savvy spin wars. Making an effective appeal to a corporation like NBC to change their policies (in this case by putting a Progressive voice on the air to fight the influence of folks like Roger Ailes) can be approached in many ways. Including the two letters above! Those two actually represent what would two of the extremes of some of the constituencies that would be allies in getting Maddow her own show…Fanboys/girls and people pushed to the brink of paranoia by the shape the media is in.

As for me, I will restate my aims in the Maddow movement in the letter below.


I am writing to urge you to give your fine up and coming political commentator, Rachel Maddow, her own show on your network. My reasons for this are many, ranging from admiration for Maddow’s intellect and refreshing honesty, to concern for the overall state of the media in the post Fox News, post Bush era…and…your bottom line!

As you well know the nation is fed up with the Conservative and Republican way of doing things and is ready for change. For the last ten years Fox News has succeeded in setting the national media conversation and framing, with only Keith Olbermann providing a counterpoint. You have no doubt noticed his success! As the nation changes, so must the media…and you can lead that change by promotig Rachel Maddow and putting the second objective, Progressive voice on the air in her own show. Thus providing our nation with more real, balanced coverage of the news…and, due to Rachel’s uique and insightful voice and her many fans and admirers, practically guaranteeing a ratings winner!

Thank you for your consideration,


What will your letter say? Write it now, include it in the comments and perhaps we will use it as one of the templates for the Maddow Movemet! If you need more time, their will be at least one more chance to submit it. (tomorrow?)


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  1. not sure I will be able to comment…and no clever tip jar pic!

  2. If you don’t hire Rachel Maddow, I will be sad.

    When I am sad I like to sit in a darkened room.

    Thus I will no longer need to buy very many GE lightbulbs.

    Now when I’m happy, I turn all the lights on at once!

    Do you want me to be sad?



    • WSComn on May 20, 2008 at 00:48

    Just let me rosen up the bow and get out the teeny tiny sheet music that only teeny tiny minds can hear and appreciate!!


  3. In an oddly coincidentally timed attack on MSNBC:    White House Official Slams MSNBC Over “Appeasement” Coverage

    “…White House official Ed Gillespie, in a nice bit of synergy with their Fox News patrons,  has shot off a lengthy letter to NBC News’ Steve Capus, contending that President Bush’s interview with Richard Engel was “deceptively edited” from the original in it’s rebroadcast. Here’s the blow-by-blow as Gillespie see it:”…(continued at the link above.)

    I did write to ask Conyers if it was ethical, and/or legal for the WH to appear to join a friendly “news” network in attacking a rival network that has been less than friendly to the WH?  I asked him also if the WH bullying of MSNBC was infringing on that network’s First Amendment rights.  

    • nocatz on May 20, 2008 at 02:41

    Rachel Maddow is teh shit.  I might even take a break from the intertubes if she had her own show.  Though more likely live-blog it for people who can’t watch because they have jobs or somthing.

  4. Then give Rachel her own show.  It will be an instant hit and huge ratings draw for you.  A perk will be a second burr under Roger & Bill’O’s saddle…  Oh, they are probably ‘bare back’ kinda guys, so the burr would be…

    SO FAAAAAR UP THERE (dis-respective) ASSES ! (mo betta).  

    Change your media, change your life.  ;o)

  5. Maddow one of his “Best Persons in the World” because, as a guest host on his show Friday night, she won the cable ratings for the 25-54 demo. More at orange.

  6. Dear MSNBC,

    Please hire Rachel Maddow.

    She’s just like Tucker Carlson, except without the bow tie.

    Yours Truly,


    Written for the intellectual level of a 24 hour cable news director.

  7. Why? Because I am at a point where I think all of the polite, well written letters are not worth shit!  It is time, I think, for letters of passion and truth to be written — to hell with the perceptions by others.  SPEAK FROM YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS!  We have been far too decent and nice too long — now, I say, just lay it out there on no uncertain terms — YELL LOUDER!

    Thanks, Buhdy, for this and so many others!

    • jim p on May 20, 2008 at 08:18

    have a reason to pay for reporters who are easily manipulated by government and party officials. Or for pundits who are always wrong, many now for over a decade.

    After all, what’s in it for us, if we’re just getting partial facts and tons of spin? (Which we unsophisticates call “lies.”)

    Surely, you know that people are hungry for truth and sense. Keith Olbermann is proof of that.

    Might I suggest you consider giving shows to other luminaries like Mr Olbermann? And may I point out that Rachel Maddow has drawn quite well when given a spotlight on your station.

    I gave up watching cable news [sic] since the heyday of propaganda back in March, ’03. Exception: Keith Olbermann. Not once have I troubled myself with lunatics like O’Reilly or dull blades like Blitzer. But, I do tune in to see Mr Olbermann. And I would to see Rachel Maddow. I like it when the opinions and interests of ordinary people are represented. I think you’d like the results for your bottom line if you provided the American people with more places for serious, patriotic, decent, adults to visit.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    • geomoo on May 20, 2008 at 08:26

    by appearing on their fascist outlet.  It’s long past time to treat them like the National Enquirer of the airwaves.

    • brobin on May 20, 2008 at 11:11

    Youse guys gots a winnah there wit dat Olberman guy.

    Me and da boyz thinks ya should put that nice young thing Rachael Maddow on with her own show.  We likz the whay she sez stuff.  Here in this mob, we is liberals and all.

    So, that settles it.  She gets her own show, k?

    Don’t make us come ovah there and have ta say it in person.


    Guido, Vincenco and Paulie

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