Informed Comment: Call for Essays

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Want to write a Guest op-ed for Juan Cole’s blog, Informed Comment?

I just received an email from him which he sent to the LBAN (Liberal Blog Ad Network) group list.

He makes a generous offer to help drive more traffic to LBAN blogs.

I’d like to help out other members of this group, and it occurred to me that one way to do it would be to print guest op-eds with link backs.

He’s looking for 750-word essays – particularly critiques of the McCain campaign.

I originally thought I might just link to some stories at other Lban blogs, but finding ones appropriate to what I usually talk about is not easy.

Since we’re in the presidential campaign season, though, and since I post on general politics in addition to foreign policy, actually the appropriateness issue is less salient right now.  Most of us are probably commenting on the campaign in one way or another.  I’m especially interested in a range of critiques of the McCain campaign.


Those of you who have books are welcome to suggest a short essay related to the book, and if I like it for my site we can put in the Amazon link.

I would love to see some of the talented writers here take him up on his offer.  He will want to see your creds and a summary of what you plan to write about before he accepts your essay.  

If you are interested in doing an original guest posting for Informed Comment, with a link back to your site, please just email me a brief precis and short cv and I’ll let you know if I am interested, and in what time frame.  You can see how I treat guest editorials by googling that phrase in my search engine.

Of course, I’m not going to publish his email address here.  You can write to me (onthebus at docudharma dot com) and I’ll give you his contact info.  

Good Luck!  


  1. he doesn’t mind that I posted this here.  I just wanted everyone to get a chance to submit something.  I’m certainly not capable of that quality of writing.

    I don’t think it necessarily has to be about the campaign either – just relevant to the topics he usually writes about on his blog.  

  2. some amazing writers. So many it’s intimidating. I think any of our these writers would be a good fit at Juan Cole’s. It also sounds good for Docudharma and the netroots in general.  

    • RiaD on May 30, 2008 at 01:09

    our many talented writers will avail themselves of this opportunity….

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