Fugly Foam

Grampy is still the king.  His eyes light up when he sees me.  We have some time to kill before we can check into the campground so we head for the boardwalk.  I watch him savor the beauty of sand dunes and beach grass ten feet below us.  We arrive at the peak of the last dune and look out at the Atlantic Ocean.  I say “Do you like the beach?”  He melts my heart by looking at me with those wide innocent eyes and says it, beach, for the first time in his life.

We check in and get settled just in time for the rain.  For my extended family four trucks towing RVs has become the last bastion of fun in an insane world.  We also contemplate the mutually understood yet more ominous other purpose, circling this modern day wagon train at the “secure/remote/safe” area should things really go south.


Showers keep us close to the campers for the rest of the day except for quick walks to check out the tides.   It is pre-season so the beach is full of all manner of both natural and man-made crap.  Driftwood, seagrass, dock parts, Dasani and other brand name plastic containers, a hypodermic needle and a condom were all to be found at the high tide mark.  Do I recall it being this much of a mess in prior years…..don’t think so.  Back in the camper I attempt to finish “Superclass”.


More on that a little later.

The needle was alarming but also very strange was Saturday morning’s “F-ugly Foam”.  Getting up at five-thirty in the morning we all took the awnings in because the wind started rocking the campers.  We had to head out and see the wind whipped angry ocean crash into the sand leaving this strange and persistent ugly brown foam.  Yes ocean waves normally generate some brown foamy bubbles yet I have never in my lifetime seen them hold together and shall I say persist for long periods of time.  It looked like cans of that spray foam insulation you get from Home Despot.  Ya’ll know where I’m going with this, don’t ya.  Persistent foam, how come, what for, why and why now.


Do I have all the answers?  No.  Does weather modification exist?  Yes.



Back to fun and the innocence of childhood.

He was amazed when I broke up firewood by smashing sticks on the cutting block I brought.  He made the heeeeyyaaa cry of a “Ninja” warrior from his favorite Power Rangers movie.  He then presented me with stick after stick to break for the evening campfire.  At first he thought the crabs Grammy braved the freezing Atlantic to catch were kind of creepy but later we had to make sure he didn’t let his finger get caught in a crab claw.  He knows and his parents are learning, Grampy let’s me do stuff Mum does not.  No way would I let him get hurt but we have a different perspective on “sicherheit”.

In english we have two words for this single German concept, safety and security.

Superclass gives some insight into the galactic waste and destruction in advancing the concept of security/profit margins for the rich and famous, “in this post 911 world”.  

Defense spending of unprecedented proportions to “eradicate” a “threat” that kills less Americans than allergic reactions to peanut butter.


The night ends with the evening campfire.  Tom asks if I got any of his emails and I go “huh”.   I say, not surprised, I think I have my own “staff” already chasing my internet exploits.  I point to the sky and say, see that is my satellite!    

And the campfire crowd burst out laughing.


Reading between the lines of Superclass might illustrate why some of you should not dump upon me for being so environmentally un-PC for wanting trucks to pull my modern day wagon train around simply for fun.  This total waste of your tax dollars puts up zero solar panels, windmills.  It does however advance cyber security to a level comfortable enough so the fat cats can sleep soundly in their Gulfstream jets, free from the inconvenience of whistleblowers or “dissident” views deemed a threat to their profit margins.  It will continue until the entire world resembles the plastic emptyheadedness of American M$M and the American “brandnames”, slave made in China and sold at the local mall, 50% of which now consists of empty storefronts.

The final question remains.

Do I have tin foil on my head or do you have tin foil on yours?


The movie “Men in Black” has Tommy Lee Jones checking the “hot sheets”.  You may partake of my “hot sheets” by Google, New World Order.  Alex Jones and a host of other sites with anti-globalist themes are mentioned and dismissed as paranoid delusional not into “reality” type places in the book Superclass.

Ya, well I do question the motives, the nobility, the egalitarian intent of the Gulfstream set and I think it’s way past time to do the Ghandi thing and fuck up their profit margins.  We as a nation fully endorse torture and Alex Jones will gladly point out the tazering of pregnant wheelchair bound handcuffed women when M$M will not.

That puts me in the “anti-globalist” category, and according to the book my allies are Armedinijad, Chavez, and Putin.

Grampy has taken his wagon home, and later I will go see how the Apocalyptic horse is.  How was your weekend.


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  1. Imus in the morning had a discussion this morning about Saudi Arabian nationals being airlifted out of the country right after 911. Could it be true?  A call for a new investigation from a right wing source?  

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