Donna Brazile before the DNC Rules Panel: “My Mama Taught Me to Play by the Rules” Updated

Perhaps the most poignant statement of today’s DNC Rules Panel, was offered by Donna Brazile, Superdelegate and Panel Committee Member. Brazile’s comment came as a counter to Governor Blanchard, Hillary Clinton supporter. Blanchard denies the Michigan election was a “flawed primary” as Congressman Bonior and others pointed out:

“You must NOT turn you back on our loyal state,” said Blanchard. The candidates taking their names off the ballot “was a knowing, willing decision. It doesn’t make the election flawed. It makes a flawed strategy.”

Brazile, driving home the obvious, stated that “Changing the rules in the middle of the game is called cheating.”

Donna Brazile: “My Mama Taught Me to Play by the Rules.”

The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee convened this morning, after a heated late night meeting where a resolution could not be reached.

Representatives from both the Hillary and Obama campaigns made their cases before the committee regarding seating the Florida and Michigan delegates.

Florida Representive Wexler delivered an impassioned testimony on behalf of the Obama campaign making the point, that both Obama and Hillary, pledged not to campaign in Florida, thus it was “not a normal primary.” Wexler announced the Obama campaign’s support for the Ausman Petition that would award Clinton a net of 19 delegates, a very generous offer by the Obama campaign.

Representative Wexler Testifies Before the DNC Rules Panel

Wexler stated: “We must find a way…to resolve this situation so that Florida may participate in this historic nominating process that will soon come to a close.”

“Sen. Obama should be commended for his willingness to offer this extraordinary concession. ”

The Florida situation is more clear cut as all of the candidates were on the ballot and a compromise will likely will be reached, with ease.

This is not the case with Michigan, where Edwards, Obama, Biden and Richardson, all removed their names from the ballot out of respect for the DNC rules. Hillary chose to remain on the ballot while simultaneously holding the the position that ‘Michigan votes would not count,’ a position that Congressman Bonior reminded the panel of today.  

Clinton Defends Michigan Ballot Stand

“It’s clear, this election they’re having is not going to count for anything,” Clinton said Thursday during an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio’s call-in program, “The Exchange.”

Congressman Bonior of Michigan, former Edwards campaign manager, testifying on behalf of the Obama campaign, also pointed out that the Michigan primary was flawed and proposed that the delegates for Michigan be split evenly.

Congressman Bonior Before the DNC Rules Panel: MI Delegates Should be Split Evenly

Jennifer Palmieri, longtime spokeswoman for John Edwards, “told NBC News’ Chuck Todd that Edwards said he believed that the 40 percent of Michigan’s vote that was “uncommitted” should go to Obama.”

As protestors continue to cheer, boo and wave their signs, the DNC Panel is to reconvene momentarily where the debate will rage on.

[Update]: The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to admit all FL and MI delegates with half a vote.

Harold Ickes, Hillary Supporter, who voted to oppose the MI resolution, closed his remarks with the statement, “Hillary reserves the right to take Mrs Clinton has asked me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee.”  

The Hillary campaign immediately issued a statement confirming Ickes’ statement.

Hillary’s threat to take the fight to the convention, flies in the face of warnings from numerous party elders, including Jimmy Carter, John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc.  


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  1. Let’s hope it’s reached fairly amicably.

  2. Hillary Clinton has strong ties with Jennifer Grantholme and could have asked Governor Grantholme to veto the move.

  3. and Brazile. I had not heard the statement from Palmieri for Edwards. I am glad to hear it, since some of those uncommitted votes were meant for him, and his belief that they should go to Obama deserves some weight.

    I hope the committee listens to Brazile. If they compromise too much, other states will not play by the rules the next time we have primaries.

  4. this really isn’t about the candidates.

    My guess is that Obama would probably be happy to give Hillary most, if not all, of what she wants if it meant taking Hillary’s one last rationalization for her candidacy off the table once and for all.

    The problem is that the DNC (whose interests do not parallel Obama’s) can’t give the states all Hillary wants because it would mean chaos for 2012, as every ambitious state delegation tries to leapfrog into the New Hampshire spotlight.

    (newsflash as I’m writing this): Ickes takes the 1/2 vote on Florida.

  5. Democratic rules committee thinks they rule.

    I am so disgusted with the DNC appointed Rules and By-laws committee today that if there were a viable third party candidate, I would consider leaving the Democratic party.

    Back room decisions, and people who think they have a right and power to take american voters decisions away. Haven’t we had enough of that?

    Make this country a true democracy and go to one person one vote, do away with the

    electoral college completely.

    Do away with this system that leaves open doors for hungry power seeking individuals to continue to rule over the masses of the citizenry.

    One vote across the country on the same day, do away with the millions spent on the campaign and primary farce.

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