Quit tearing the party apart!

I knew it would come to this one day, because one side was so stubborn and the other side was feeling rejected. Maybe this rift can be filled one day, but right now, there is only pain and hurt. Makes one wonder how it all came down to this.

That’s right, al-Qaida and Iran have irreconcilable differences, they are tearing their Axis of Evil apart.


The increasing enmity toward Iran is a notable change of rhetoric from al-Zawahri, who in the past rarely mentioned the country-apparently in a hopes he would be able to forge some sort of understanding with Tehran based on their common rivalry with the United States. Iran has long sought to distance itself from al-Qaida.  

“Al-Zawahri wanted to work with Iran, but he’s deeply disappointed that Iran has not cooperated with al-Qaida,” said Rohan Gunaratna, a terrorism expert and author of “Inside al-Qaida: The Global Network of Terror.”

So now, al-Zawahri “wants to appeal to the anti-Shiite, anti-Iran sentiments in the Arab and Muslim world,” said Gunaratna, head of the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research in Singapore.

Al-Zawahri appeared intent on exploiting widespread worry in the Arab world over Iran’s influence, particularly in Iraq, to garner support for al-Qaida. At the same time, he sought to denigrate Iran’s ally Hezbollah, which has gained some popularity even among Sunnis in the region for its fight against Israel.

But in many of his answers, al-Zawahri went out of his way to criticize Iran. He said the Iraqi insurgent umbrella group led by al- Qaida, called the Islamic State of Iraq, is “the primary force opposing the Crusaders (the United States) and challenging Iranian ambitions” in Iraq.

Great, al-Zawahri plays the race card. Way to turn the Arabs against the Persians, asshole. This Jihad was suppose to be about ideas and policies, but here al-Zawahri goes back to the terrorism of old.

“Iran’s aim here is also clear-to cover up its involvement with America in invading the homes of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq,” he added. Iran cooperated with the United States in the 2001 U.S. assault on Afghanistan that toppled al-Qaida’s allies, the Taliban.

This campaign of dirty tricks has to end, you don’t go into Jihad as a people divided. You don’t see Iran bringing up Osama’s playboy youth or compassionate sane cleric.

Iran has never been in bed with America, while it is well know Osama was. Do you see Iran making obscure internet videos about that?

No. Because they are against tearing this party apart.

The rhetoric is a stark change for al-Zawahri, who in the past did not seek to exploit Shiite-Sunni tensions. When the former head of al- Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was waging a campaign of suicide bombings against Shiites in Iraq, al-Zawahri sent messages telling him to stop, fearing it would hurt al-Qaida’s image.

This just goes to show al-Zawahri will stop at nothing to win this thing. He will flipflop, he will lie and he will ruin other members of the Axis of Evil for his own entitlement.

This was suppose to be a different Jihad, a Jihad about ideas. About policy. A Jihad where fanatical Muslim could walk hand in hand with other fanatical Muslims, regardless of sects, setting off each other’s suicide belts, showing the world what a terrorist party united can do.

al-Zawahri has ruined that hope, which is why he is the real Great Satan.


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  1. coverage of the primary today I got to agree. So far yours is the best punditry I’ve read. On the bright side if we keep pushing them maybe they will find unity, despite their myriad differences.  

  2. I withstood the entire rigamarole of joining just now to offer my kudos  

    • RUKind on April 23, 2008 at 07:41

    As in all wars the behaviors of the combatants are nearly indistinguishable at the end. It’s a  great spoof piece but scrape off the particulars of religion. politics and cultures and you have the same basic human instincts.

    When this jihad shit started I used to tell people that if the terruhists actually won and took over the world then they’d start killing off each other. The killing would continue until they hit the absolute lowest common denominator of hyper-fundamentalist interpretation of the Quran.

    The same goes for us if the neo-cons get to perpetuate their power lock on us. McCain’s best bud, Hagee, will be too liberal after eight years of John-boy at 1600. They’ll find some way to sink even lower and consume themselves in a final burst of armageddonal frenzy. Hell, we can all join in – like it or not.

    The more I look at the current topr crop the more I see Cheney and al-Zawahiri as the primary opponents with Bush and bin Laden as their rich boy front men. They’re both trying to destroy each other (presumably) while they destroy their own at the same time. What good is it to rule the planet if you have to put up with internal dissent?

    As for the Dems analogy, there’s nothing new there. This year is a repeat of 1968 (HHH v McCarthy), 1972 (McGovern v Muskie v George Wallace), 1976 (Carter v ABC – anybody but), 1980 (Carter v Kennedy), ad nauseum. Democrats always rip it up; it’s in their nature. Compared to the Repugs, it’s the picket line v the board room when it comes to organized behavior.

    This year has been very tasty for observation. Watching the Dems eat their own is more like Repug behavior when a red candidate isn’t sufficiently broken in by the wingnuts. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t blow the election on his VP nominee the way McGovern did in ’72.


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