Oil Predictions

This is a re-post from my word press blog and just wanted to see if anyone wanted to predict the future.

A Japanese oil tanker was damaged Monday when it was attacked by a small boat in Middle Eastern waters off the coast of Yemen, the tanker’s owner said. Word of the attack helped to drive world oil prices to a new record.

The attack rattled the nerves of global energy traders, sending the price of benchmark light, sweet crude to a record $117.40 per barrel. Oil prices had also briefly touched $117 per barrel last week, after rebels attacked a pipeline in Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer.

Okay this is a daily occurrence, but now I want to start a prediction that oil will hit $125 a barrel by July 4th.  Anybody else want to join in?  Come on what you got to lose?


    • pfiore8 on April 22, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    v. interesting…

  1. peak oil was in 2005. I predict oil will “run out” by 2060. I predict we will have wasted a resource that was more valuable then just burninig it up. I predict the resource wars that are occurring over oil will not matter when Greenland loses it’s glacier ice cap. I predict the democratic president elected in the fall will get the blame. I predict that unless impeachment happens, none of the things that need to occur in order to preserve individual rights and freedom going forward will not happen.

  2. Yep, easily.

    Get a horse!

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