I’m mad as hell

and extremely tired of sucking up to power.  It is well past time to flex our collective muscles.  What is wrong with people in this country?  Most of us are wage slaves because we have to be.  Okay: fine.  Maybe that’s the way of the world.  They call it “work” for a reason, right?  And I don’t think anybody here opposes work, per se.  What I oppose is the suppression of the “underclass”–which increasingly means anybody who isn’t a multimillionaire.

Did anybody else notice this one?  From Professor Krugman:

It’s like the GOP has a magic inequality spell that it chants while in office. Clearly, we’re missing something.


And do y’all remember this?

Well, what she said at the beginning…not so much, since St. Ronnie set out to crush all unions.

An oldie but goodie from Dr. Krugman:

But I digress…back to collective action.

In this clip, please note that even in 1946, the MSM were undermining collective action.  Cops escort scabs ino the workplace; also please note that in clip #3 in the YouTube, the happy employees returning to work with their new deals managed to obtain said favorable deals through the strike (which was never credited in the voiceover but is implicit):

Some Dharmaniacs are old enough to remember when this country actually produced goods–the days before we were all supposed to go work at McD’s or get high-paying jobs selling worthless paper to Iceland’s banks:


I was in high school around this time:

Which side are YOU on?


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    • Edger on April 16, 2008 at 6:11 am

  1. we SO outnumber them!

  2. I’m a member of Carpenter’s 185, St. Louis, Mo.

    We have been very lucky here compared to other parts of the country but the bursting bubble is now starting to catch up to me personally. 1/2 day today, off tomorrow. I’ve seen hundreds of carpenters laid off recently and several builders close up shop leaving a lot of frusrated homebuyers having to sue for their deposits back. The company I work for has taken quite a hit also trying to collect for work completed.

    I have a lot of mixed feelings about this though. It’s really sad to see the woods you used to play in bulldozed over for more houses. I hope we get into a lot more remodeling soon even though I would prefer to work new construction.

    Thanks for this essay.

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